Stride is Latin Link's programme for those wanting to serve for between 6 and 24 months.*

It is designed for committed Christians who feel drawn to put their faith into practice in a Latin American culture. You'll spend at least 6 months* working alongside a church or Christian-run project, responding to local needs and getting involved in the local community.

Stride provides placements tailored to your gifts, skills and sense of God’s calling. 

They are suitable for individuals, couples and families. They also provide opportunities for language and medical students. Whether you feel called to spend a period of time serving God in a specific placement, or wish to explore whether mission in Latin America longer-term is the right option for you, or you need a placement/elective for your language or medical degree, Stride could be for you. Stride placements provide a supportive environment which encourages growth and discipleship while supporting the work of the Church in Latin America.

*If you're a student, you can serve for less than 6 months. Find out more about our Student placements

Find out more about all our other Stride programme placements.

Check out the video below to see Striders in action: