Building the Church in Spain through outreach and service:

Image of map of facts about SpainJill Spink coordinates the work of Cascadas (Waterfalls) retreat centre near Madrid. Cascadas focuses on hospitality, care for creation, and biblical reflection on how the gospel relates to all areas of life. The centre has regular visitors from a rehab centre in Madrid. Jill says: ‘In March and April we are working towards hosting a mental health project in Cascadas.’

  • PRAY for strategic contacts and the best conservation project to support as Cascadas looks to partner with the Christian conservation organisation, Arocha.
  • PRAY for a concert the centre is hosting on 7 April as part of a Tearfund project. PRAY for Matt, the Christian professional opera singer who will be performing, and that it will prove to be a great opportunity to strengthen relationships in the valley!
  • PRAY for the men who come from a rehab centre in Madrid, for God’s on-going healing work in their lives and for wisdom in planning creative and life-giving activities for them this spring and summer.

Douglas and María Augusta Cowan are working with the Centro Cristiano Camarma and associated ministries in and around Alcalá de Henares, just north of Madrid. Douglas continues to build relationships with the community through cycling , food bank and other activities. María continues with the weekly crafts day for women in Camarma. Douglas is also taking on the role of Team Leader in Spain.

  • We are involved in various discipleship activities, home groups and visiting. A new Alpha marriage course starts soon. We also help with an afterschool club linked to a project in a small church in one of neighbourhoods. PRAY for all these initiatives.’

Image of rehab visitors at Cascadas ministry in SpainPRAY for the other Spain team members: Jesús Espinola and Maria Jesús Hernández de Espinola, with Elisa and Laura.

GIVE THANKS for Daniel and Rosita, two Striders recently sent from Barcelona to Peru. 

PRAY for the summer assignments in Santander of two Peruvians, Elvira and Carolina, hoping to become future Striders.

Pray for Spain

  • PRAY for church members to be willing to serve in leadership at all levels in churches.
  • Although the immediate tensions caused by the 2017 Catalan referendum on independence from the rest of Spain have abated, feelings are still running high in the region. PRAY for a peaceful resolution to the situation.
  • There is a steady influx of Latin Americans into Spain. PRAY that those who come with a vibrant faith will reach out to their neighbours with the love of Jesus.

Other prayer points... April

2 The second bimester of the ProMETA EMA missions courses starts. Bridget Bennett says: ‘We have courses in missiology, cross-cultural studies, and Islam, training Latin American Christians to be effective in cross-cultural mission. Pray for sustained student numbers and for supporters to come forward to sponsor students.’

7 Dave Stoker teaches the next instalment of his Raices Fuertes course in Sicuani.

9 Hannah, Tim and Rita Flatman return to north-east Brazil after a month-long mission visit to South Sudan. Pray for smooth transition, and that as they feed back to their Brazilian church it would inspire prayer and participation in God’s mission.

14 While back on Sending Country Assignment, Suzanne Potter is blowing the mission trumpet. Today, she is holding a mission event at her church – Restore Community Church, Loughton. Pray the new people will become interested. 

23–28 The Central American branch of COMIBAM umbrella mission organisation is holding an assembly in Costa Rica. It includes teaching on the subject of ‘Preparation for the work of mission’. Pray for those members attending.

27–30 Flavia Lescano is coordinating a training weekend for new facilitators for the ‘Passionate about Parenting’ workshops. Pray for the logistics, as this will take place in one of the more remote indigenous communities.

28 Inspire! Ireland in Belfast. New International Team Leader Paul Turner is among the speakers. Pray for smooth logistics, a good turn-out, and inspiration for all who attend.

29–5 May Letra Viva consultation in Bogotá, Colombia. Christian publishing and theological education ministries from around the continent are taking part, looking for books for their work.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the International Assembly (IA), held in Guatemala from 1–7 February. Paul Turner, who officially took over as International Team Leader at the IA, says: ‘This IA has enlarged our vision of God’s mission and launched us into the future. We go forward with renewed confidence that God is with us and for us as we seek to be salt and light in the communities he has called us to.’

Download a pdf of the April 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.