Colombia: a growing team involved in multidirectional mission:

Image with facts and map of ColombiaFiona Christie is the Colombia Team Leader. ‘From January 2017 I’ll be working on Child Protection policies in Vive Kids, as well as continuing as Team Leader.’

  • PRAY for wisdom in developing Child Protection training that makes a real difference to the well-being of children.
  • PRAY for the team in Colombia to know how best to help Colombians into mission. 

Mark and Yancy Holden, with Sam (born November). Mark is working with Vive Kids in Medellín and the coast area. Yancy helps out with the teenagers at church.

  • PRAY as they settle into a new way of life.

Manuel and Patricia Reaño. Manuel is in charge of Pastoral Studies at the Bible Seminary of Colombia. Patty works with Vínculo, a Christian family centre.

  • PRAY that Manuel and Patty have insight, strength and wisdom as they come alongside many hurting and needy people.

Image of Striders with children in ColombiaAbi and Pipe Figueroa. Abi is the Short Term Coordinator. Pipe is with Unidad Cristiana Universitaria, discipling students.

  • PRAY for the two Step teams coming from Britain and Ireland and Switzerland in 2017.
  • PRAY for Abby Frett, who arrives in February for her eight-month Stride placement.

Eden and Beth Parris, with Oriana, plan on going to Colombia later this year. They are currently in Santiago, Chile, learning Spanish and volunteering with ministry projects.

  • PRAY for God’s timing for their move.

PRAY for the rest of the Colombia team: Si Walsh; Paola Innocente; Carmen Gallego; Santiago Benavides and Diana Peñuela, with Majo and Santi; Eva Schleicher; and Diana Andrade (preparing for a Stride placement in Peru later this year).

PRAY for Colombia:

  • PRAY for the peace process between the Colombian Government and the FARC guerrillas. Pray that its implementation would bring real peace to the areas of the country most affected by the conflict. 
  • PRAY for the evangelical church in Colombia. The growth of the church has led to a more prominent role in national life. Pray for wise and godly leaders.
  • PRAY for the victims of the long-running armed conflict. There are up to 8 million victims, six million of whom were victims of forcible displacement. Pray for the Church to be an instrument of healing and reconciliation. 

Other prayer points... January

3 In January, the Evangelical Missions Centre in Viçosa, Brazil, has four weeks of postgraduate studies. Students from all over Brazil will come for intensive lessons.

4–8 Vive Kids’ annual circus event, which models a children’s camp that can be replicated by churches that run Viv Kids’ Rana Bacana clubs. Pray for Mark Holden and the organising team, and that the children in the host town of Puerto Libertador understand the message of peace being communicated through the circus.

7/21/28 Sharon Jones asks for prayer for three Buena Tierra (Good Soil) training events for the new holiday Bible club 'The Wonderful World of God'. Today’s event is in Huancayo, followed by events in Trujillo (21st) and Huánuco (28th).

8 Throughout January the Anglican church in Gaibu, Brazil, is holding a mission month. Hannah and Tim Flatman are helping the leadership to organise a programme of teaching and practical outreach in the community.

9–13 ProMETA online university starts its courses this week. They include a two-year Diploma in Missions course and a new one-year Certificate in Islamic Studies. Pray for Ray Miller and Bridget Bennett and the ProMETA team.

9–13 Central America and Mexico team conference, Costa Rica. Pray for clarity as the team discusses how to grow as Latin Link gets bigger in each country.

9–14 Four teenagers from the Angel Tree Centre are going to a Word of Life Camp in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Julie Noble asks for prayer that they have a life-changing experience.

16 Brenda Darke starts teaching a new 15-week online, university-level course on the inclusion of people with disabilities in church. Pray for a good number of students and for their online interaction.

17–23 Graham and Debbie Frith are speaking at CIMA (the Movida mission conference).

25 Kate Fisher completes her two-year Stride placement in Guatemala and returns to the UK to apply to be a Stay member. Pray for clear direction in the process and for her fundraising efforts. 

Download a pdf of the January 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.