In Mexico, Joel and Mayra are giving church leaders a deeper understanding of the Bible and theology.

The Gonzalez-Gomez family

Joel Gonzalez, Mayra Gomez and son Joel Fernando (10) have served in the city of Puebla, Mexico for four years. Their focus is on theological and biblical education. They train leaders, pastors and others to serve in local churches and to be more relevant as disciples in everyday life.

They teach at the Vanguardia Bible Institute and in 2017-18 Joel also lectured at Puebla’s Madero University. (There are openings to continue this and perhaps another course in 2018-2019.) Several times a year, they travel to neighbouring states to teach and preach, working with different denominations.

Joel also lectures on an intensive course at Puebla’s ‘Unreached Native People’ Bible Institute, where students from various states learn to reach indigenous groups with the gospel. “The first language of many of these students is not Spanish, but Totonaco, Náhuatl, Zapoteco or Mixteco,” explains Mayra.

Joel and Mayra provide pastoral care and counselling in their local church. They’re also involved in outreach, building relationships and meeting needs in their community; in particular Mayra teaches English to several non-Christian neighbours and friends.

  • PRAY for more mission-minded Christians to come and join the team in Puebla.
  • PRAY for more students and churches to get involved with. “We dream of our network growing, becoming more efficient and effective for the Kingdom of God.”
  • PRAY for Joel Fernando, who has just started at a new school.
  • PRAY for wisdom and discipline to balance family life, friendships, service and ministry for this coming year.

    Pray for Mexico

    Mexico map

    • On 1 December, Andrés Manuel López Obrador becomes Mexico’s new president. PRAY for a smooth, safe and constitutional handover.
    • Two huge earthquakes devastated parts of Mexico a year ago. PRAY for the rebuilding of schools so children can regain stability. PRAY for peace as people are now easily frightened by tremors.
    • Crime and corruption are huge problems in Mexico. PRAY the new government has wisdom and courage to address these effectively.

    Other prayer points… September

    1-7 Jan is involved in sending Latin Americans from Brazil to serve in mission across the world. Pray for several students preparing to go to South Asia, and for Filipe who’s being sent to Holland to work with Syrian refugees.

    10-14 Global Member Care Network (Ecuador). Several Latin Link members are attending to learn and share with others about caring for people serving in mission.

    14–24 Suzanne Windsor helps a team from a new Christian hospital, visiting isolated villages in the Bolivian jungle to encourage small churches and provide medical care.

    16-18 The International School in Arequipa, Peru celebrates its 95th anniversary with a thanksgiving service and gala. Pray the parents and students are impacted by the Christian message.

    25-28 Latin Link Bolivia team annual retreat. As the theme is ‘working from a place of rest’, pray for a time of relaxation and intimacy with God, and the chance to grow as a team.

    28-30 ‘EJE’ – the annual ‘Meeting of Youth in the Spirit’ ( Salta, Argentina). Daniel and Flavia Lescano and Priscilla Breekveldt will support the new team of young people taking on this large, effective youth ministry.

    Thank you for praying

    Thank you for praying for those affected by the volcanic eruption in Guatemala. On 22 September, a Swiss Latin Link Step team will join Esperanza de Vida, the project in Alotenango helping families who lost their homes.

    Download a pdf of the September 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.