The Brazil team are reaching out to diverse groups, as well as equipping the Church.

Image of map of Brazil and country factsIzaías and Ruth de Assis, with Jonathan, are based in Cariré, planting churches and building a community centre.

  • PRAY for the couples who have joined Proclamation Church recently: three have decided to marry their long-term partners.

Phil and Jan work in the Evangelical Missions Centre (CEM) in Viçosa, preparing Brazilians for mission.

  • PRAY for God’s provision for future students, particularly with the ongoing economic crisis in Brazil.

Phil and Carolina Rout, with Benjamin and Samuel, are based in São Paulo. Phil is coming to the end of a Masters course at a theological seminary. At their local church they serve in the children’s ministry.

  • PRAY for our children’s work, that the Bible deeply moulds the children.’

Verna Langrell leads the JEAME street ministry in São Paulo.

  • PRAY for the street teams as they go onto the streets every Tuesday.

Paul Crothers works near Recife, sharing faith with the boys and young men of the community through football.

  • PRAY for creative ideas that challenge the boys and young men to think differently about God and their lives.

In June/July, Tim and Hannah Flatman, with Rita, are starting a ministry in north-east Brazil with quilombola communities (communities of predominantly African descent, formed as an act of resistance to slavery and racist oppression). They also work with the Dinka Ngok community in Abyei, South Sudan.

  • PRAY for a smooth transition into this new area of ministry.

PRAY for Kerry Bell (serving with CEM) and Katelin Fiddis (serving with JEAME), Striders doing university language placements until August.

PRAY also for Dan and Marcia Lawrance, assisting the local church and mission agencies by providing reliable and affordable air transportation to remote places in the Amazonian region.

Pray for Brazil

  • Many Brazilians are disillusioned with the corrupt political system. Economic reforms are divisive and austerity is having a severe impact on the poorest. PRAY for President Michel Temer’s government to lead with wisdom and integrity, and be accountable. Presidential elections will be held on 18 October. PRAY that corruption investigations would be unhindered and impartially conducted, bringing justice and a new start.
  • The Brazilian Church and local mission agencies are focusing on bringing the whole gospel to unreached minority people groups. PRAY for these communities to be transformed by the good news of Jesus.
  • Recently many church leaders have been speaking out on gender identity issues. PRAY for the Brazilian Church to contribute wisely and graciously to this discussion.

Other prayer points... May

29 April–6 May Consultation on the challenges of publishing, in Bogotá, Colombia. Pray for Ian Darke and Letra Viva publishing as they develop connections between Latin American writers and editors.

Image of graduates form marriage course run at Proclamation Church in Carire, Brazil4–6 Inspire! Scotland in Pitlochry. Pray for renewed vision for mission and the building of community at this residential conference.

6 The Spring Step team finishes its project in Temuco, Chile.

13 Mother’s Day service at Proclamation Church in Cariré, north-east Brazil.

13 The Spring Step team travels to Salta, Argentina, for the second part of its trip. The team will serve there for seven weeks.

17–19 Graham and Debbie Frith are teaching at a three-day workshop on intensive prayer in Bolivia.

21–25 Incoming Mission Retreat, Swindon. Pray that this will be a good time of refreshment for the Latin Americans serving in Britain and Ireland.

22–26 International Core Team meeting at All Nations, Ware. Pray for the team as it helps to shape the direction of Latin Link.

25–26 First Bolivia National Conference of Timothy Institute Trainers, in Potosí. Louis and Maribel Woodley are part of the organising team.

26 All-night prayer meeting at Proclamation Church in Cariré, north-east Brazil.

Download a pdf of the May 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.