The Latin Link team in Ecuador seek to support vulnerable individuals and bring justice

Katy Griggs is the Ecuador Team Leader, based in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. She is involved with two local projects: Orphaids, where she supports children and teenagers living in the children’s home; and Vida en Abundancia (Life in Abundance), which runs a project for children and young people with learning disabilities, as well as supporting women suffering or at risk of abuse.
PRAY for God’s guidance and blessing on a potential income-generating project, which could allow Orphaids to move forward and become more self-sustaining.

Kate Campbell will begin her six-month Stride placement in January. She will be working alongside Katy Griggs in the projects Vida en Abundancia and Orphaids (see Katy Griggs).
PRAY for smooth preparations, as Kate gathers the final support she needs.
PRAY that she settles in to her placement quickly and that God shows her how she can best serve the people in these projects.

Please also pray for:

Jaap and Linda Bezemer and their five children: Corne, Helen, Arianne, Jacoline and Richard. They are Latin Link Stay members from the Netherlands, currently based in Shell. Jaap is an International Health and Tropical Medicine specialist, and also one of the leaders at their church. Linda leads the youth group and is one of the teachers in the Sunday school.

Regina Aebersold, from Switzerland, began her Stride placement in Ecuador in September. This involves working at a bi-lingual school in Shell, giving classes on the Bible.

Pray for Ecuador

PRAY for economic and political stability in the midst of increasing levels of under-employment (six out of every ten ‘economically active’ Ecuadorians areA map of Ecuador containing specific facts about population, currency, language, etc. not in full-time employment).

PRAY for peace in the months running up to the local government elections in February.

There is mistrust and prejudice towards Venezuelan refugees, who are increasing in number in Ecuador, as in many other countries. PRAY that churches in Ecuador find ways to work alongside these refugees, and begin to rebuild trust.

PRAY that the local churches would develop a more holistic vision of the gospel, which addresses not just the spiritual, but also the material and social needs of their own community. 

Other prayer points... December

1 | Graham and Debbie Frith are holding a garage sale today, to raise money for their students retreat, in January. Please pray that this is a successful fundraiser and that good conversations emerge from it.

8 | There is a graduation service for the students of the Evangelical Missions Centre in Viçosa, Brazil, which Phil and Jan are involved with. Pray for the 15 graduating students, as they plan and prepare for full-time mission service.

15 | Pray for Jill Spink, a Latin Link member in Spain, as she organises and oversees various training weekends through December. This is connected to her work with Cascadas, a study retreat centre in the Madrid mountains.

16-24 | Please pray for all the Latin Link members sharing the true message of Christmas in their various projects around Latin America this month.

27 | Please pray for Phil and Carolina Rout as they fly back to the UK today. Pray for safe travels and for them to be able to make the most of their short stay.

Download a pdf of the December 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points HERE