Working and growing for the future in Bolivia:

Map and facts about BoliviaLouis and Maribel Woodley are based in Potosí, and work in discipleship and leadership training, especially focusing on young leaders. Louis is the country team leader.

  • PRAY for the expansion of the Timothy Institute and for new trainers to emerge.

Julie Noble works with Prison Fellowship Oruro, which runs two programmes – Angel Tree and Restoring Hope. Her work supports prisoners and ex-prisoners and their families. 

  • PRAY for wisdom in understanding our role against the background of the current changes in the management of young offenders and thank God with us for all the opportunities we have at present in the prisons.
  • PRAY for the Angel Tree camps in December (4-12s) and January (teens), that these will be a good opportunity to get to know the children and teenagers better and share with them. For those preparing the teaching, craft, games, menu, presents etc.

Image of Suzanne Windsor teaching in a prisonSuzanne Windsor works with day-care for children of poor families, and in the local prisons and with female ex-prisoners. 

  • PRAY that the power of Jesus works in these families who need daily answers to prayer.

Graham and Debbie Frith are based in Santa Cruz, providing services to university students and developing leaders. They run two El Alfarero (The Potter) centres, one in Santa Cruz and one in Sucre. Both centres house a youth cafe (open every week day), free counselling services for the students to help them when they pass through problems and crises, a pregnancy crisis centre, a library, and refuge for young women at risk, and office space. They also run El Aprendiz (The Apprentice) programme, which is an intensive, practical ministry training programme, designed to prepare leaders for opening self-sustaining ministries and projects, and as Biblical Counsellors.

  • PRAY for the 14 students participating in El Aprendiz as the Lord brings transformation and growth to the students as they prepare for ministry in Bolivia or further afield.
  • PRAY for wisdom with regards to a third El Alfarero centre, and for the Lord to guide in terms of timing and location.

Swiss member Brigitte Borner is the Short Term Coordinator. ‘We are very grateful for everything God has done with the short-term programme in the last year. The programme has grown into a stable and vibrant ministry. In the last 18 months we received nine Striders from five different countries (Argentina, Canada, England, Scotland and Switzerland) and two Step teams.’

  • ‘We’d like to expand beyond the big cities. PRAY that God opens doors in new places.’

Image of Aymara women talking, BoliviaRebekah Hinton has just arrived for a Stride placement in Santa Cruz, and will be working with Talita Cumi children's home. 

PRAY for the rest of the Bolivia team:

  • Juan Soza and Anoushka Pitschky de Soza and family, who work in La Paz and El Alto. Their work includes developing programmes for children, teenagers and adults who live on the streets, many with drug- and alcohol-related problems;
  • Craig and Amanda Cunningham and family;
  • Walter and Melina Callegari and family, who have recently moved from Guatemala;
  • Susanne Dätwyler, who has recently taken up a leadership role within Talita Cumi children's home; 
  • Tabea Zurbuchen
  • Anusia Castioni.

PRAY for Bolivia

  • PRAY for righteousness and the implementation of true justice in a nation where corruption looms large and the tendency to manipulation by those in power is prominent.
  • PRAY for government policies about wise use of natural resources and foreign trade. 
  • GIVE THANKS for the growing and renewed Latin Link team in Bolivia, for effective leadership and opportunities for service in the highland plains, the valleys and lowland regions.
  • It has been tense recently as three miners and a Junior Government Minister died in a recent strike. Things are calm now. PRAY for justice for all of the families involved.

Other prayer points... November

1 Joint service for the Zöe churches and annexes, in La Tablada, Lima, Peru. Pray for a real sense of unity, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than just the individual churches. 

4–6 Step and Stride retreat/debrief in Lichfield. An opportunity for all those who have returned from Step and Stride this year to reflect and celebrate on all that happened during their time in Latin America.

5 The Chinese Church in London is holding its annual mission event. Latin Link has a stand. Pray for good interaction and conversations with this mission-minded church network.

7-10 Ian Horne is giving the final leadership training in the Layo Biblical and Ministerial Training Centre, Cusco, Peru. Participants are ministering in rural Quechua highland churches, and will be graduating after studying doctrine, mission and leadership.

7–21 Louis and Maribel Woodley are in Colombia and Brazil. They are teaching Timothy Institute courses in Bogotá and Tabatinga. They are also planning a brief visit to Medellín.

9-11 Paul Turner is visiting the team in Huaraz, Peru. He is also taking part in the Arco Iris (Rainbow) Association leadership meetings on the 10th.

19 Sharon Jones, together with her colleague Dayle, will be giving Buena Tierra (Good Soil) training in the mountain town of Andahuaylas, Peru. The theme is evangelism with children. 

20 This morning the church in La Plata, Argentina, that Mike and Esther Terry pastored for 18 years is holding a members' business meeting. It will determine the style of the leadership for the next four years. This is a crucial moment in the life of the church. 

20–27 Scotland Coordinator Martin Haworth is undertaking a Northern Tour. He will be visiting various churches and Christian communities in the far reaches of the Scottish mainland.

28–2 Dec The Central America team leadership is meeting in Costa Rica. Pray for wisdom in its decision-making.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the Inspire25! England and Wales conference on 8 October. The event was a great success, with around 100 people celebrating 25 years of Latin Link and looking forward to what mission might look like in the next 25.