In Guatemala, Latin Link members are doing all they can to serve people and show them God's love; from engineering water filtration systems, to mentoring young girls who have suffered abuse. Through many of these projects, members are encountering people with deep pain and hopelessness. The members' commitment, passion and love for these people has become a constant reminder that God sees them in their suffering and will never abandon them.

The LORD will not reject his people;
he will not abandon his special possession.

Psalm 94:14

Who's in the team?

Kate Moreno (Guatemala-Mexico Team Leader) is a social worker for girls who have suffered sexual violence.
PRAY for protection for Kate and her colleagues as they work with deep trauma, and bring God’s light into dark situations.

Jacobo Moreno (husband of Kate) will be starting his Stride placement, hoping to serve in their church with youth discipleship and worship.
PRAY as he begins this new phase in his ministry.A Guatemalan women called Genia, teaching Suzanne Potter to weave

Suzanne Potter is Guatemala’s Short-Term Coordinator, and supports Guatemalan candidates hoping to serve in other countries.
PRAY for wisdom and clear communication as she prepares Guatemalan candidates to serve with Latin Link.

Geoff Baines works in the Central American Bible Seminary, giving classes and completing his Masters. He married Cesia in October.
PRAY for their new life as a married couple.

Misha Battle is working with a program that enables at-risk children and young people to stay in education.
PRAY for positive conversations and opportunities for the children’s development.

Rose Wade is involved in a youth programme and a water project, utilising her engineering background. She is also involved in the children’s ministry at her church.
PRAY for opportunities to share the love of Christ with others.

Katie Birrs works with a school for children and young people with Down’s syndrome.
PRAY for good relationships to form, and for Katie to integrate into the culture well.

Maddie Buchanan will become the Short-Term Coordinator when she arrives in Guatemala next year.
PRAY as she gathers the necessary financial support.

Please also pray for:

  • Rodolfo Rodas, serving as a pastor in Guatemala City.
  • Stefan and Angela Hochstrasser, involved in theological teaching at the Ezra Centre.
  • Chris Fiorito, who is teaching English and supporting women in San Pedro La Laguna.

Pray for Guatemala:a map of guatemala and some facts

PRAY for an increase in wellbeing and human dignity across the country. Chronic malnutrition, high infant mortality, abuse against women and children, lack of criminal justice, and limited access to education, are all significant issues in Guatemala.

PRAY for unity in the church and reflection of true Christ-likeness. PRAY that Christians will live in accordance with the ethics of God’s Kingdom, being an example and inspiration for those around them and showing integrity, with a common goal of honouring God and serving others.

Other prayer points... November

  • 2-4 | Latin Link Colombia are coming together for their bi-annual team meeting. Pray for vision, encouragement and revelation from God.
  • 2-4 | Latin Link Britain and Ireland Debrief Conference for returning Steppers and Striders. This will be an opportunity for people to process their experiences, share stories and seek God’s guidance for their next steps. Pray for positive conversations to emerge and for God’s presence to be felt.
  • 11-18 | Latin Link Peru - Week of Prayer. Each city team will take it in turns to pray for the country. Members of each team will also be taking a day for private prayer and retreat during this time.
  • 17-18 | Dave and Kay Stoker (Peru) are running a camp for families experiencing bereavement. Pray for them as they attempt
    to shift the cultural norms, showing individuals that they don’t need to ignore their pain and forget their loved ones, but that they can talk openly and honestly about their loss.
  • 15-17 | In Colombia, Carmen Gallego is organising an event called: CIFA - Congreso Internacional de la Familia (International Family Congress). Important topics will include: sexual education in schools, LGBT marriage, public policy in terms of family, and the right of free belief. Pray for Carmen and all the staff involved, that it would be a successful event and influential for the country.
  • 22-24 | In Bolivia, Graham and Debbie Frith are leading a retreat called ‘Working from a Place of Rest’. Please pray that this would be a beneficial time for all those attending.

Download a pdf of the November 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE