Helping the marginalised and those in need in Ecuador:

Fact box and map of EcuadorKaty Griggs is the team leader. She is based in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, and is involved with two local projects: Orphaids, where she supports children and teenagers living in the home for children whose parents have Aids or have died from Aids; and Vida en Abundancia (Life in Abundance), which runs a school for children with disabilities, and where Katy also supports women at risk of abuse.

  • PRAY that the children living at Orphaids would continue to grow in their faith. PRAY also for those who struggle with at school, that they will learn to concentrate and that the teachers will know how best to encourage them in their studies.
  • Both Vida en Abundancia and Orphaids need to decrease their reliance on overseas funding and increase their sources of local funding. Thank God for the dedicated group of women who have led a couple of big fundraising events, but PRAY for imaginative and sustainable fundraising ideas.

PRAY for the other members of the Ecuador team: Jaap and Linda Bezemer, and their five children (including newborn Richard), working in Shell.

Image of Katy Griggs and Emily Macdonald with friendsEmily Macdonald recently completed her Stride placement at Vida en Abundancia, and helping with homework at Orphaids.

  • PRAY for her as she settles back in the UK and as she talks to people about her time in Ecuador.

There are new Swiss Striders hoping to arrive before the end of the year: Connie and Daniel Haehlen with Delia, who plan to serve for two years. PRAY that the right placements are found for them.

Pray for Ecuador:

• Reconstruction continues after the earthquake in April 2016. PRAY that the funds for this work are directed justly and where most needed. PRAY also for those still suffering as a result of the earthquake.

 PRAY for the government in Ecuador. PRAY for the new president, Lenin Moreno, elected in April, as he attempts to implement various ambitious social projects.

 PRAY for justice to be done in various corruption scandals involving government officials, including the infamous Odebrecht construction company case that is affecting Ecuador along with many other Latin American nations.

Other prayer points... October

6–8 The Colombia team is having its biennial retreat. Pray that the new members of the team will integrate well, for rest and for good times with the Lord. 

7–16 Manuel Reaño is in Cuba. He will have a series of training sessions on different topics for pastors and leaders of the Pinos Nuevos (New Pines) denomination throughout the country. 

8 El Redentor (The Redeemer) Church in Lima, Peru, is holding a time of prayer and fasting. Pray for Eduardo and Margo Huaman and the church as they seek God at this time.

13–15 Vive Foundation is holding another camp for children’s club leaders. This one in near Sincelejo, north Colombia. Pray for a real impact in the teachers’ lives.

21–30 A second Scotland tour for Martin Haworth, this time around the Great Glen. Pray for receptive hearts as he talks about Latin Link and mission.

23–31 San Andrés Church in Salta, Argentina, will be aiming to make an impact in the local media on what Halloween stands for. Daniel Lescano with others will be interviewed on radio and television, and 10,000 leaflets saying ‘Yes to life’ will be handed out to primary school children. The culmination is a big ‘Festival of light’ street party.

25–31 Hannah, Tim and Rita Flatman are travelling to Belo Horizonte, to learn from a mission worker who is reaching out to marginalised quilombola communities (predominantly Afro-Brazilian communities, formed as an act of resistance to slavery and racist oppression). Pray for good conversations as they learn more about this largely unreached people group.

30–31 The Guatemala/Mexico leadership group meets. This is a relatively new ‘country’ team, so pray for the leadership group as it continues to develop the team’s strategy.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the Vive Relevante event in Colombia. Fiona Christie reports: ‘We had about 25 Sunday school teachers attend Vive Relevante, our first training event in Medellín for the wider church. We were pleased with the response. The teachers left with new skills and a renewed sense of vision for their task.’

Download a pdf of the October 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.