Nicaragua – helping the Church and local communities through discipleship and training:

Nicaragua facts and mapLukas and Barbara Minder are the Short Term Coordinators in Nicaragua and are involved in their local church in discipleship and running English courses. Lukas is on the Costa Rica/Nicaragua leadership team.

  • PRAY for Lukas and Barbara as they seek to develop and deepen contacts and collaboration with evangelical churches for potential cross-cultural mission.
  • PRAY for the preparations for the Summer Step team from Britain and Ireland that arrives in July.

Lotti Rindlisbacher works in the city of León and in communities near León. ‘I work with the Faith Moves Mountains ministry, which provides leadership and discipleship training and events for churches. My role includes Bible teaching, which I also do twice a week on a local Christian radio programme.’

  • PRAY for Faith Moves Mountains as it seeks to develop its prayer and intercession training at various levels.

Image of Strider with children in NicaraguaRuedi and Susanne Froesch are on a six-month Stride placement, working with the Mennonite Church of Granada. They are providing support in marriage counselling and also helping in children’s and youth ministry, in small groups and in the church’s school.

  • PRAY that God will open doors for Ruedi and Susanne to teach Christian values to many married couples during their time in Nicaragua.

Pray for Nicaragua: 

  • PRAY for unity in the Nicaraguan Church and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the nation, especially in government and business, and among the country’s religious leaders. 
  • PRAY for Nicaraguan society as a whole, and local areas and communities, to champion care for creation and the environment, and seek to preserve and enhance the nation’s lakes, mountains and biodiversity. 
  • PRAY for equity and social justice for women, indigenous people, youth, children, the elderly and the poorest sections of the population.

Other prayer points... May

1 Sharon Jones is doing a Buena Tierra (Good Soil) training day in the Sacred Valley, near Cusco, Peru, with the Evangelical Church of Peru. The themes are preparing a class and teaching and learning styles.

1–5 Priscilla Breekveldt is facilitating an ‘Improving Your Interpersonal Skills’ workshop at EMPI mission college in Argentina, where Paula and Mati Rigau are students. Pray this will be helpful for future ministry.

2 On Tuesdays during May and June, Jackie McCallum is running a five-week discipleship course called LIVE for young women in Larne, Northern Ireland.  

2–6 In Puebla, Mexico, Joel Gonzalez is teaching at Vanguardia Bible Institute. His subject is Paul’s Letters. 

6 Suzanne Potter is in San Salvador, El Salvador. She is giving talks on cultural training (understanding culture, culture shock, adapting to another culture) to students who start courses in Russia in September.

6 (and every Saturday for ten weeks) The Buena Tierra team is delivering its Level 1 and Level 2 Christian Education courses in north Lima, Peru. 

14–21 Scotland Coordinator Martin Haworth is undertaking a Tour of the Faroe Islands. He will be speaking at churches and raising the profile of Latin Link.

16–20 Joel Gonzalez has a second week of teaching at Vanguardia Bible Institute, on ‘The Doctrine of the Last Things’. 

18–20 Debbie and Graham Frith are teaching on Intensive Prayer in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

20 Every Saturday for ten weeks, Mayra Gomez is teaching on ‘The Prophets of the Bible’ at Vanguardia Bible Institute.

22–26 Incoming Mission annual retreat, in Warwickshire.

25–26 Churches together in Weymouth & Portland are organising an evangelistic event with Andrew Palau. Pray for the logistics and that people will turn to Jesus.

25–26 The Guatemala/Mexico leadership team meets. It will set up processes to enable growth and care of the team.

27–31 Suzanne Potter is visiting projects and organisations in Mexico that would like to receive Striders. Pray for wisdom and the right doors to open doors. 

Download a pdf of the May 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.