Our Incoming Mission members from Latin America help UK churches to reach the communities and cultures around them.

Map of Britain and Ireland with country facts

Sadoc and Vivian Chongo from Mexico and Guatemala, have been serving as Striders with Trinity Church in North Ayrshire, Scotland. They’ve mainly been helping the church to develop effective outreach activities with local youngsters, and have been a great blessing to the community.

  • PRAISE GOD that the Chongos have been accepted to serve a further year in Dalry. PRAY for their time on leave in Central America, success in their renewed UK visa application, and for fresh financial support.

Diana Vilchez from Peru works on a number of language-based projects with St Hilda’s church in Manchester. She runs Spanish Bible studies, English classes, a community language exchange club, and helps with Spanish in schools.

  • PRAY for more volunteers to help Diana with this work, and that God would bless the relationships she’s building with the local community and schools.

Angela Docto has come from Peru to work with St Hugh's Church in Northolt, West London, where she helps to befriend and run English lessons for local Muslim women.

  • PRAY for opportunities for Angela to share her faith in Jesus with these special ladies.

Brazilians Lelmer and Renata Campos and their family are based at Ebenezer Evangelical Church in Weymouth, serving on the leadership there and working with children and young people.

  • PRAY they can demonstrate God’s character and love to both children and parents.

Jax McCallum from Argentina is a Community Support Worker at First Larne Presbyterian Church. She coordinates activities for children and youth in the church and local schools, and visits elderly and housebound people.

  • PRAY for Jax as she prepares to lead a Holiday Bible Club for over 120 local children this August.

Orlando Castro is a Bolivian who ministers to churches and local people around Diss through music and Spanish teaching, along with his wife Sally-Anne.

  • PRAY for opportunities to share their faith as they teach.

The Chongos, called to Scotland

Pray for Britain and Ireland

  • Many people are searching for meaning and spirituality in a secular culture. PRAY they would encounter God’s truth.
  • Poverty, loneliness and mental health are big challenges in Britain and Ireland. PRAY for churches to keep responding with practical compassion.
  • Thank God that he is calling Latin Americans to share Jesus with different communities and cultures in Britain and Ireland. PRAY for wisdom for the Incoming Mission team as they search for the right placements.
  • PRAY too for the appointment of new staff in the Reading office to oversee and develop the Incoming Mission ministry.

Other prayer points… August

27 July-15 Church Step Team from Christchurch Baptist, Welwyn Garden City, is in Arequipa, Peru. Pray for them as they help at the Shalom centre and other projects.

2-22 Another summer Step team spends three weeks working on a project near Sucre, Bolivia.

6 Prison Fellowship Oruro holds a fundraiser, selling food and cake on Bolivia’s Independence Day to help fund their prison work. Pray they would raise all that they need.

9-12 Expolit takes place in Miami - a major international Christian publishing and media event. Please pray that our members working in publishing will gain opportunities to distribute their books and materials to other countries where they’re needed.

13-17 Camp for families who have a child with a disability, Trujillo, Peru. Mirjam Hofer is running this retreat with a team including helpers from two local churches. Please pray that everybody would experience God’s love, and that the churches involved might be inspired to reach out more to people with disabilities.

20-24 Suzanne Potter attends the COMIBAM Consultation on Mission Mobilisation in Panama. This is all about helping Latin Americans to take part in cross-cultural mission around the world. Pray she makes good contacts and gains useful insights, as Latin Link partners with other organisations in this field.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the Spring Step team as they finished their first project in Chile. They say: ‘We could not have asked for a more amazing experience and none of us will ever forget our time here. God has been faithful from our first day, and we trust that he will continue to be throughout our time in Argentina.’

Download a pdf of the August 2018 ¡Oremos! with all the above prayer points, HERE.