Latin Link has launched a new, exciting, bi-monthly news update.

Image of Latin Link On Location graphicCalled 'On Location', each edition has been recorded by members in the country where they are serving – so now you don't just get interesting and relevant news about their work, you also hear the sounds of the communities and environments they serve in.

This first 'On Location' features reports from Mexico and Peru, so you can sample the atmosphere and noises of Lima city and teaching in Spanish in a theological college in Mexico, as well as finding out about and praying for the work there.

If you have a smartphone, sign up for the Latin Link App HERE, and listen to 'On Location' there.

Alternatively, visit the Latin Link webplayer to hear this first edition.

You can also listen to 'On Location' on this website by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your interest in and support for God's work in Latin America and beyond!