The Argentina team is working at all levels of society:

Image of Argentina map and factsHans and Priscilla Breekveldt, with Rebi and Josh, are based in Salta, Argentina. Hans is one of three pastors at San Andrés Church, serving the congregation and more widely. Hans’ main input is in Bible teaching. He preaches regularly and runs several discipleship groups. As well as her involvement in San Andrés Church (including starting a monthly club for pre-teens), Priscilla is becoming more involved locally in a local primary school, which includes weekly work with a group of young teens who have not yet completed primary school. Priscilla is Southern Cone team leader.

  • PRAY for continued inspiration for Hans in his preaching, teaching and group leadership.
  • PRAY for Priscilla’s work with the young teens, that through her input and that of others these teens will have hope for the future.

Dany and Flavia Lescano, with Sofí, are also based in Salta, Argentina. Dany is also one of the three pastors at San Andrés Church. He leads and preaches regularly, heads up much of the pastoral and outreach work, meeting with a large number of individuals and couples for discipleship each week, and coordinates the Salta-wide Missions Network. Flavia is part of the San Andrés pastoral team, is developing a mothers-and-toddlers group, and coordinates ‘Passionate About Parenting’ workshops. 

  • PRAY for Dany and Flavia as they provide discipleship and pastoral care for church members and also reach out into the community through their various projects.

Image of Priscilla Breekveldt with childrenPaula and Matias Rigau, with Santi, are in their final term of a two-year course at EMPI college in Córdoba, focused on mission and church-planting. Over the past three trimesters they have participated in various stages of a church-planting project. Currently they are meeting with four families and doing an evangelistic Bible study with them. ‘We hope to then integrate them into cell groups.’

  • PRAY for wisdom when we meet with the four families, and that they encounter the Living God.
  • PRAY as they finish their studies while looking after their four-month-old son, who adds a challenging dimension.

Martin and Hazel Frost, with Joni and Danny, are working with two churches in San Francisco, Córdoba province, preaching and teaching. In addition, Hazel works with the Scouts in an area with serious social problems, while Martin helps to run a Bible study in the local prison every Monday. ‘We open our house to ex-prisoners who live with us from time to time. We have two young women living with us who otherwise would not be able to fend for themselves.’

  • PRAY for wisdom for Martin and Hazel as they host and house various people with significant needs.
  • PRAY that as they preach, teach, and lead, the gospel of Jesus will emanate from all they are, do and say.

Image of Dany Lescano leading the Maraton Biblica street outreachJoanne Williams is currently teaching Spanish at Wyclif Independent Christian School in South Wales, and using her Latin Link experiences to inspire the next generation of mission workers. ‘I return to All Nations Christian College in January for further cross-cultural mission training, get married to Andy and return to Argentina with Andy later in 2018.’

  • PRAY that I will teach my pupils well and that they will be drawn to God through what they see in me and my life.
  • PRAY for smooth transitions in some big life changes.

Pray for Argentina

President Mauricio Macri continues to try to repair the damage inflicted by his predecessors. However, inflation, unemployment and social unrest challenge his pro-business reforms. PRAY for wisdom as he makes alliances and takes tough decisions.

Argentina has a growing troublesome import: cocaine. It is now the fifth-largest transit location for cocaine to Asia and Europe. Drug use among Argentinians has at least doubled over the last two decades and homicides have rocketed in the hubs for shipment. PRAY for the government as it tackles this problem.

Other prayer points... December

1 There is a Timothy Institute graduation in Potosí, Bolivia. Pray that the graduates run the courses in other places.

1 Julie Noble asks for prayer for today’s end-of-year celebration for the prisoners' children and their families at the Angel Tree Centre in Oruro prison, Bolivia.

3–24 In Colombia, Felipe and Abi Figueroa are promoting an Advent calendar reflections book for families in their church. They hope it will encourage parents to teach their children the Christmas story.

4–7 It’s the annual Angel Tree Camp in Bolivia. About 40 children aged 4–12 years with a parent in the prison will attend. Pray for patience, creativity for the leaders and a chance to get alongside the children.

5–9 Express course at All Nations Christian College. Pray for the Striders attending, that the course gives helpful and informative preparation for their placements.

8–11 AMARE (Asociación de Mujeres Anglicanas Renovadas en el Espíritu) is holding a conference in La Caldera, Salta province, Argentina, this weekend. This is Argentina’s equivalent of the Mothers’ Union. Flavia Lescano and Priscilla Breekveldt are involved. 

9 In Sicuani, Peru, it’s the second workshop in the Raizes Fuertes (‘Strong Roots’) spiritual formation course. Dave Stoker is leading; the focus is growing more like Jesus.

9–19 The Mission in Action group that Louis and Maribel Woodley help to run is doing a mission trip to Pando (north Bolivia). Pray for a good number on the team. Pray that the Woodleys are able to teach the second Timothy Institute course on this trip.

14 Rodane school in Puebla, Mexico, is holding its Christmas play. Mayra Gomez has chosen a Christian song for inclusion in the play as a way to present the gospel. Pray that the message will sink in.   

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the Transformative Preaching conference in Medellín, Colombia, last month. Manuel Reaño reports: ‘The whole event was a great celebration of 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and was well organised by Medellín Seminary and Langham Preaching. I spoke on Sola fide (By faith alone), a key foundation of Reformation theology, which was well-received! Over 300 people were encouraged by the focus on the five Solas of the Reformation, and renewed their commitment to the same God who inspired the Reformers 500 years ago.’

Download a pdf of the December 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.