In the November edition of ¡Oremos!, we're focusing on for Mexico. Join us as we pray for Latin Link's work in Mexico, as well as for the country itself. Thank you!

Praying for growth

In the countries where Latin Link works, Mexico has one of the smallest teams. Our heart is to see this team grow, both in number and in impact. Let’s PRAY together for God to call passionate, skilled volunteers to join the Latin Link team in Mexico.

Migration through Mexico

Mexico is much in the news, as well as in our prayers, due to the many challenges the country faces, economically, socially and politically. In addition, the migrant crisis across Latin America has brought thousands of other people through Mexico (pictured above), hoping to cross the border into the USA, only to realise the immense difficulty in doing so.

Please PRAY for all those in and from Mexico who are affected by the migration crisis; for Christians in Mexico, as they work alongside migrants, and for all the individuals and families seeking a new life.

Members in Mexico

Joel Gonzalez and Mayra Gomez, with Joel Fernando, serve in a range of ministries in Puebla and beyond. They continue teaching theology and Biblical education in a seminary, and are involved in creating a Christian university.

This month, PRAY as they train former students who are going to become teachers. Joel and Mayra also provide counselling for individuals, couples and families; and training and mentoring for local church leaders.

Finally, they are working alongside a team of Christian pastors and leaders to plant a new church in the city centre!

Please PRAY for the early stages of this new church project; developing a strong leadership team and laying stable foundations, before beginning active ministry. Please PRAY for the other Latin Link member in Mexico: Priscillia Friot-Giroux, a new Strider from France.

Pray for Mexico:

• As of 2018’s elections, this is the first time in Mexican history that the Morena party has held power in Government. There is already some political instability and uncertainty, as well as increased violence on the streets. Please PRAY for peace across the nation.

PRAY for unity within the churches, enabling them to work together on important social justice issues. PRAY too for an increased awareness, in the church, of the need for mission, both on a local and global scale.A map of Mexico, with key statistics attached (incl. population, people groups, etc)

PRAY that Christians would live in and act according to the ethics of God’s kingdom, being an example for those around them to follow.

Other prayer points... November

1-3 Britain and Ireland Debrief weekend. Please PRAY for this year’s returned Steppers and Striders, as they meet together and process their experiences of mission.

4-8 Phil Rout is leading an Old Testament teaching course this week, at the Theological Seminary in São Paulo. PRAY that the students would be inspired and discover more of God’s character.

5 Latin Link members Phil and Jan Greenwood are involved in training Brazilians for cross-cultural mission, at the Centre for Evangelical Missions in Viçosa, Brazil. PRAY for the students this month, beginning their cross-cultural placements, some as far afield as South Asia.

10 This month, three new Striders are beginning placements in Latin America. Please PRAY for Brett Dickinson, going to Colombia; Andrew Robertson, Bolivia; and Suz Perkins, heading off to Brazil.

16 The next Inspire! gathering takes place in Diss, East Anglia, today. PRAY that people would feel encouraged and mobilised for global mission. Head to inspire-brunch-diss for more information.

20 In the next few months, Ian Darke and the team behind the Contemporary Bible Commentary are giving copies away to pastors working in very tough situations, who could not otherwise afford one. Please PRAY that God would reveal people in need.

22 Please PRAY for María Augusta Cowan in Spain, as she implements new community-focused programs in the church: such as a food bank, after-school children’s outreach, and homework clubs.

30 In Guatemala, PRAY for Misha Battle who is involved in organising a 5k race for young people at her project. Its purpose is to raise awareness for living a healthy lifestyle, in the push for increased preventative health care.

Download a pdf of the November 2019 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points here