Praying for Latin Link's Members

Lukas and Barbara Minder work as Short Term Coordinators. However, since the start of the socio-political crisis in Nicaragua, in April 2018, Latin Link has had to greatly reduce the short-term mission workers it sends to the country. This has meant that Lukas and Barbara’s ministry focus has shifted somewhat. They are now more involved in preaching and teaching at the local Baptist church, in Granada. Barbara also teaches English in different communities and they’ve recently been encouraged by the new opportunities to engage with mission mobilisation. God has opened doors for them to teach about mission with an association of churches. Their ministry now involves mobilising churches and people to engage further with Latin mission.

PRAY that God would use Lukas and Barbara to help others grow in faith and trust in him during these uncertain times.

PRAY for Lukas and Barbara as they prepare to take a sabbatical next year. Within this time, Lukas will be training as a cross-cultural coach, and they’ll spend time with family, church and friends back in Switzerland.

Lotti Rindlisbacher lives and works in León, where she supports the Fe Mueve Montañas (Faith moves Mountains) ministry, which provides leadership and discipleship training for churches. She is involved in the areas of Bible teaching and intercessory prayer.

PRAY for Lotti as she prepares teaching material for sessions on intercession and prayer.

Lotti spends time teaching in various church contexts, please PRAY that God’s word would reach the hearts of all those listening.

Pray for Nicaragua:

A map of Nicaragua, with key statistics such as population, currency and people groups.

PRAY for the truth and justice to shine in Nicaragua, and that Jesus would lead all those who are exercising authority in positions of power.

PRAY for the Lord Jesus to help the church to love their neighbours and share his compassion.

PRAY for God’s strength and courage in all those who suffer as a result of the hunger, disease and injustice present.

Other prayer points... September

1 Joel Gonzalez and Mayra Gomez have important meetings about the development of a new University in Puebla. PRAY for guidance and stamina, so they can achieve what is required in order to present paperwork to the Mexican government shortly.

8 Continue to PRAY for Ian Darke and the Contemporary Bible Commentary as a third print run begins, due to the first two selling out fast. Praise God that the publication is already impacting pastors and churches.

10 PRAY for Pipe and Abi Figueroa as they connect with new projects/ministries in Colombia, with a view to creating further placement options for Striders.

13-16 Sharon Jones is in Mexico this week, talking with churches about Aurora resources. PRAY that God opens the door for these important teaching materials to become accessible to the people that need them.

16 PRAY for Ray Miller and Bridget Bennett, with the ProMETA programme, as they start a brand new Masters degree in Intercultural Development.

17 Three new Striders begin mission placements towards the end of September: Jenny Willcox flies to Colombia, Suz Perkins to Brazil, and Anna Porter to Costa Rica.

20 – 22 The Logos Hope ship will port in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, in September. Students from the Evangelical Missions Centre, where Phil and Jan Greenwood teach, are going on board to support an evangelism team for the next three days.

23 – 25 This week, the Latin Link International Core Team meet with Latin Link Europe Team Leaders. PRAY that God might use this time to strengthen community and envision all those involved.

Download a pdf of the September 2019 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points HERE