The Nicaragua team inspires and equips local Christians to reach out - to the marginalised and across cultures.

Map of Nicaragua with country factsLukas and Barbara Minder are Latin Link’s Short Term Coordinators in Nicaragua, with Barbara currently mentoring Strider Sophie Swarbrick. At her church, Bautista Emanuel in Granada, Barbara trains up children’s workers and runs English and discipleship courses, while Lukas is part of a church planting team. Lukas also serves as a member of Latin Link’s Central America South Team leadership. Together, they seek to impart a vision for mission to Nicaraguan churches.

  • PRAY that as Lukas and Barbara visit a diverse range of churches and pastors, God would give more Nicaraguans a vision and passion for holistic mission - both at home and across cultures.

Lotti Rindlisbacher works in and around the city of León with the Faith Moves Mountains ministry, which provides leadership and discipleship training for churches. Lotti preaches and runs courses on prayer and intercession. She also has a Bible teaching slot twice a week on a local Christian radio show.

  • PRAY that the Church around León will grow and mature through Lotti’s and the team’s ministry.

Strider Sophie Swarbrick is working until August at the Bethel Centre, where children, teenagers and women who work on the local rubbish dump can come for a daily meal, computer courses and Bible teaching, while the children can play with clean toys and get help with their homework.

  • PRAY that the Centre is able to help many young people move into a more stable life. Pray that God protects and guides Sophie as she finishes her placement.

Lukas speaks to a church about holistic mission

Pray for Nicaragua

  • Many political factors have affected democracy in Nicaragua. PRAY for justice and peace in the nation.
  • Nicaragua is a country with many social challenges. PRAY there would be equality and good treatment for women, indigenous people, children, the elderly and the poorest sections of the population.
  • The Church in Nicaragua is not always united in its purpose. PRAY that diverse denominations would act as a united body of believers, known for caring for those in need and sharing the gospel.

Other prayer points… July

Please pray for those who were affected by the major volcanic eruption in Guatemala in June. Our partner organisation in Alotenango, Esperanza de Vida, is helping 23 families who lost everything to rebuild their homes. Pray for their work.

1 General elections in Mexico. Pray for a peaceful vote, free from corruption and fraud, and a good turnout amid widespread disappointment and apathy about politics.

5-29 A Summer Step team is serving with local Christians in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.

21 Buena Tierra are training church leaders in Cajamarca, Peru about preventing child sexual abuse. Peru has one of the 10 highest rates of child abuse in the world, and there is a high incidence in Cajamarca. Please pray for a good turnout of participants who will take on board the messages and work to protect children.

24-28 Missionary Kids’ retreat in Brazil. 50 young people aged 16-26 will discuss resilience, identity and purpose. Pray for Phil and Jan’s team running the retreat, and that God would speak to each young person about who they are and where they belong.

30-1 Shalom centre family camp in Arequipa, Peru. Pray that whole families will come along to accompany the children with disabilities who attend the Shalom centre. Pray that many would hear God speaking to them during this time away.

Download a pdf of the July 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE