A new series of Stride Stories videos has been launched! 

Image of Rebekah Hinton talking to a child in Santa Cruz, BoliviaThe videos focus on a number of Striders who have been working with Latin Link in Chile and Bolivia in the past year. Each video includes interviews with the Striders themselves, interviews with people they are working with, and lots of footage of the Striders in action and of their environment.

Image of Strider Neil Stewart chatting with local church members in Santiago, ChileDifferent types of project are covered, including:

  • helping a local church to start reaching out into its local community;
  • doing a business internship during the day and assisting the local church at other times;
  • working with students - both equipping them and helping them to reach out to fellow students;
  • working in a children's home for orphans and vulnerable kids.

Image of Strider Victoria Clarey serving in the El Alfarero cafe in Santa Cruz, BoliviaWant to know what a Stride placement is like, and what sorts of things you could do?

Want to know what the Striders have to say about Stride?

Or what others say about Stride?

Then check out these videos! 

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