Welcome to ¡Oremos!, Latin Link's monthly prayer focus. Throughout March, we're praying for God's work in Argentina.

Praying for Latin Link members

San Andres leadership, including Latin Link

Hans and Priscilla Breekveldt are on the pastoral team of San Andrés Church in Salta. Hans teaches a variety of Biblical courses further afield, and Priscilla works as a facilitator for ‘Passionate about Parenting’ groups, whilst also supporting activities in the church and local school.

PRAY for San Andrés church this year as they implement a new apprentice scheme, providing young people with an experience of ministerial activities.

Paula and Matías Rigau are based in Salta. They have an open house ministry for university students, who are offered friendship, a place to study, English classes, meals, games nights, and the opportunity to meet Jesus through the Alpha Course and discipleship. Matías is also involved with Proyecto Compartir (Share Project), a ministry team which cooks for 50 homeless people twice a week.

Summer camp volunteer team, San Andres

At the start of this new academic year, PRAY that the student ministry reaches all those students in need, especially those struggling to feel settled, or suffering with loneliness. Pray that they would make use of the facilities, support and community being provided.

Hazel and Martin Frost live in San Francisco, Córdoba province, along with their children and foster children. They support local congregations through preaching and children’s ministry. Martin is involved in prison ministry and works with ex-prisoners. Hazel teaches English and is a Scout Leader, as well as supporting people with disabilities at the local riding stables.

PRAY for them as they balance different ministerial and family responsibilities, and continue to demonstrate Jesus’ love to the many people and projects they serve.

Andy and Joanne Connolly hope to begin their placement this year. Andy, as a Strider, will start with a period of Spanish language study. Joanne, as a Stay member, will contribute to a variety of programmes with their local church. Both will be continuing to contribute to research work with Operation World.

PRAY for them as they continue to raise financial support in preparation for their placement.

PRAY too for other Latin Link members in Argentina, not sent by the Britain and Ireland office: Daniel and Flavia Lescano, Leandro Berguesi and Romina Gramajo de Berguesi, Annelien Wisse and Nadine Zaugg.

Praying for Argentina:

• The summer holidays are coming to an end and many Argentine families are preparing school uniforms and rucksacks again. In a country with severe economic problems, the purchase of basic school supplies can be a financial problem for many households, even though state education is free at all levels.

Advancing access to education has historically been a priority of Argentine administrations, the literacy rate is improving and both at secondary level and at tertiary level, Argentina has a comparatively high net enrolment ratio. However, Argentina’s education system produces far fewer university graduates as a percentage of the population than the systems in neighbouring republics. Only around a quarter of Argentinian students complete their tertiary studies. Dropout rates are high at the secondary level as well. Factors like poverty, low student motivation and the decentralized and fragmented nature of the system with notable regional disparities are cited to explain this low efficiency.

Even so, Argentina has become a magnet for international students from other Latin American countries. As the British Council put it in a recent study, Argentina “has a well-established public higher education system with few fees (if any), no admissions exams and a globally respected level of quality. As such, it is not only a strong choice for those domestically but also for students regionally.”

• The Amerindian people in the four northern provinces of Argentina live on the fringes in all senses of the word. Their traditional culture is under threat, as is their land. They have been marginalised; their youth lack opportunities and deforestation for large-scale soya production leaves them with little room to manoeuvre. Many communities lack access to safe drinking water. A crisis has now been declared in the province of Salta, but precious few reliable statistics are available in order to develop an adequate political response.

Other prayer points for March 2020

1 The Spring Step Team begin their four-month placement. They will spend time in Colombia and Ecuador, working on a series of construction and children’s projects.

2 The Shalom Centre in Peru starts back after the summer holidays. PRAY for the five new children joining, as well as their parents, that they would be well supported by the centre.

3-5 Geoff Baines is teaching a module on Integral Mission to a group of pastors in Guatemala City. PRAY that it would be received well, and that God would speak to them about the need for integral mission in Guatemala.

4-5 Latin Link will be exhibiting at CRE (Christian Resources Exhibition) in Warwickshire. Please PRAY for positive conversations with those interested in supporting Latin mission.

6 PRAY for Phil and Jan Greenwood as they arrive in the UK for their four-month Sending Country Assignment.

7 Bethany Clarke flies to Guatemala to begin a six-week medical elective placement, working alongside Adonai International ministries.

10 This month, Dave Stoker is hoping to run a series of teaching courses with local Christians, exploring ways to get Bible devotional material into the hands of young people.

12 Latin Link host a Step information day for all those interested in joining a Summer Step team. 

14 Graham and Debbie Frith host the ExpoEvangelismo event today, uniting over 200 people from different churches across Santa Cruz. They will provide training in evangelism before heading out into the local community to evangelise together.

16 - 19 PRAY for Ruth Turner today as she attends the European Member Care Conference.

19-21 Sharon Jones is meeting with CLC Europe directors in Krakow, Poland, to promote Buena Tierra resources and training materials.

21 Latin Link host a Latin Brunch event today in Liverpool. PRAY that people would be inspired to engage further with global mission, whether praying, giving, or going themselves.

Download a pdf of the March 2020 ¡Oremos! with all the above prayer points here