In the February edition of ¡Oremos! we're focusing on Bolivia - thank you for praying!

Graham and Debbie Frith are the National Directors of El Alfarero, a student ministry in Santa Cruz and Sucre. They also train those called to youth ministry, through a separate Masters programme called El Aprendiz. They recently returned from Bolivia, after six months on Sending Country Assignment.

PRAY as they settle in and resume their work.

Joe Stoneham supports the work of El Alfarero, particularly through mentoring male students.

PRAY as he demonstrates Jesus’ love to the students, by supporting their spiritual and emotional needs.

Louis and Maribel Woodley are involved in training and discipling leaders. Louis is the National Director of the Timothy Institute in Bolivia, and Maribel leads various ministries, including supporting a group of miners’ widows.

PRAY for the identification and development of local leaders for their different ministries.

Julie Noble works with Prison Fellowship Oruro, supporting two ministries: Angel Tree Centre, working with prisoners’ children and families; and Restoring Hope, which implements restorative justice initiatives with prisoners and young offenders.Julie Noble and the prison ministry team

PRAY for more volunteers to support these programmes, especially the discipleship classes in prisons.

Andrew Robertson recently began a two-year Stride placement, supporting Julie and the prison ministries.

PRAY as he carries out an initial few months of intensive language study.

Simon Howling is Pastor of Children’s Ministry at El Jireh Church. He also supports a local football outreach programme.

PRAY for El Jireh as they strive to serve and impact the community around them.

Lauren Childs began her Stride placement last month, working with Word Made Flesh, which reaches out to those affected by prostitution.

PRAY that Lauren settles in Bolivia quickly and builds good connections.

PRAY for other Latin Link members: Craig and Amanda Cunningham, Juan Soza and Anouschka Putschky de Soza, Suzanne Dätwyler, Regina Grabovski, Noa Bury, Sadie Grace Hammond, and Anne-Valeria Hunziker.

Pray for Bolivia:

• The political upheaval in 2019 has only deepened some of the existing ethnic divisions. PRAY for peace and unity across the country.

• The Andean religious worldview was imposed on many sectors of society, including schools, under the former president. PRAY that Bolivia’s new leaders would seek to establish God’s word at the centre of national life.

PRAY for the church, where theological and denominational differences can be barriers to effective gospel proclamation. PRAY also for a wholesale rejection of prosperity theology, which remains prominent, corrosive and a source of great confusion.

Other prayer points for February

PRAY for the Striders heading out this month: Joshua Murphy and Ana Reid (both going to Peru), Claire Lovell (Mexico), and Julia Pimblett (Costa Rica).

10-16 Graham and Debbie Frith are with a team from El Alfarero at the International CIMA (short-term mission) conference in Chile, running three workshops for the young people, and providing counselling for the 2000-strong volunteer team.

11-13 PRAY for Geoff Baines as he travels to Xela, a city in the north of Guatemala, to train pastors in a course on counselling.

16-21 Latin Link Peru Team Conference. PRAY for their time with God, for good fellowship with each other and for the decisions that need to be made for the future.

21-26 PRAY The for the Latin Link Southern Cone Team’s (Argentina/Chile) annual conference.

22-26 At the Evangelical Mission’ Centre in Brazil, Phil and Jan Greenwood are running a course on ‘The Christian Professional and environmental responsibility’. Run during the country’s Carnival celebrations, it will be aimed at Christians in local universities. 

Download a pdf of the February 2020 ¡Oremos! with all the above prayer points here