Welcome to ¡Oremos!, Latin Link's monthly prayer focus. Throughout April, we're praying for God's work in Colombia.

Praying for Latin Link members

Pipe and Abi Figueroa are the Short Term Coordinators for the Colombia team, receiving Striders and Steppers and preparing Colombians to go on mission at home and abroad. They have recently taken on the youth ministry in their local church.

PRAY for wisdom and guidance as they help to welcome, support and mentor the new Striders arriving in Colombia.

Manuel and Patty Reaño are based in Medellín. Patty is a family therapist and works with a Christian family counselling centre. Manuel leads a ministry which provides pastoral care for Christian leaders. They’re preparing to take a time of furlough starting this month (April 2020).

PRAY for Patty as she completes her Masters degree in Family Therapy. PRAY for Manuel’s ministry as it opens two new departments, dedicated to supporting ministers’ wives and their children.

Ian and Juliana Horne live in Bogotá. Ian coordinates a local church ministry to Venezuelan migrants. Juliana works with the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network in Colombia and Latin America, to promote greater interest, Biblical understanding and a real action to care for God’s creation.

PRAY for Ian’s ministry, that it touches the lives of families and individuals in need, helping them to grow in faith and establish themselves successfully in this unfamiliar city.

Katie Rowell supports vulnerable families, many of whom are Venezuelan refugees, through a church day-care centre.She recently started a support group for the women, a space where they can feel comfortable to share about their struggles.

PRAY that women utilise this group, and find hope and healing through it.

Strider Jenny Willcox and volunteer team in ColombiaJenny Willcox helps in a comedor (feeding programme), providing lunch and after school care for children.

PRAY or children in the project who come from very difficult backgrounds; for wisdom in how best to deal with their challenging behaviour and specific needs.

Brett Dickinson works with university students in Bogotá, as well as serving in a children’s project in a historically gang-heavy and deprived neighbourhood.

The children’s project is short-staffed; PRAY for the current volunteer team as they care for the children under difficult circumstances.

Dan and Katharine Hollands, with Joshua and Joel, are serving with the New Way Christian Church in Armenia.

They support the church’s regular activities, including a sports discipleship ministry. The family arrived earlier this year. Please PRAY for them as they adjust, and as the boys begin their new schools.

PRAY too for other Latin Link members serving in Colombia: Paola Innocente, Carmen Gallego, Sara Wildmer, and Emily Yordanova.

Praying for Colombia:

• Many Venezuelans are arriving in Colombia, looking for work to send money to their families in Venezuela. Please PRAY for a good response from churches and the government to this issue.

• The riots in Chile last year had a knock-on effect in Colombia. The situation has settled down now, but there is still a sense of discontentment. PRAY that more churches would embrace social action, providing hope and an answer to the cries of injustice.

PRAY for the newly elected mayors and local authorities to serve with wisdom and integrity, and stamp out corruption in the country.

Other prayer points for April 2020

1 New Strider Kate Lovell is hoping to begin her language placement this month. She will be serving for five months in Peru, helping to run CUs and lead assemblies at an international school in Arequipa.

5 PRAY that Prison Fellowship Oruro would be able to get the necessary victim information, in preparation for restorative conferences with the young offenders.

13-17 PRAY for the Latin Link Bolivia team, meeting for their annual conference.

18 Latin Link Ireland host their 2020 Inspire! conference this week. PRAY that hearts would be stirred for global mission.

25 PRAY for Kay Stoker’s Nueva Esperanza team in Peru, as they develop workbook material which can be used to accompany teenagers through a process of grief.

30 Suzanne Potter is receiving training today, in preparation for teaching the Perspectives Course, looking at mobilisation and global mission.

Download a pdf of the April 2020 ¡Oremos! with all the above prayer points here