In our January edition of ¡Oremos! we're focusing for Ecuador - thank you for praying!

Katy Griggs is the Ecuador Team Leader, based in Santo Domingo. Katy is involved in two projects: Orphaids, where she supports children and teenagers living in the children’s home; and Viva en Abundancia, which supports children and young people with learning difficulties, as well as caring for women at risk of abuse.

Both the projects rely greatly on donations from the UK to fund their work, and these sources of funding are drying up more rapidly each year. Please PRAY for the local boards of trustees for both organisations as they look for other sustainable sources of funding, and for God to provide opportunities in unexpected ways.

Jaap and Linda Bezemer with Corne, Helen, Arianne, Jacoline and Richard live in Shell. Japp is an International Health and Tropical Medicine specialist with Fundicion Mision Cristiana de Salud. They are both also involved in Diospa Nanpi, the church in the Kichwa community of Sacha Runa. Jaap is one of the leaders and Linda leads the youth group. There is a real need for more mission workers in the remote region where the family are based.

PRAY that God would provide the right people, particularly those with medical and teaching experience.

Spring Step Team

From March to July, a Latin Link Step team is heading to Colombia and Ecuador to support two church projects. In Ecuador, the team will be based in the city of Santo Domingo, where they’ll work alongside Iglesia Cristo Misionera. This church has faced some hardship in recent years, and currently doesn’t have a suitable building to meet in. Therefore, the team will be encouraging the congregation by helping them build a new place of worship.

PRAY that strong links would be built through this partnership and that the church’s ministry would continue to grow as a result. Pray too for the safety of the team members working on the project.

Pray for Ecuador:

• Ecuador suffered 10 days of violent protests in October, following the announcement of new austerity measures by the government of President Lenin Moreno, including the removal of a subsidy on petrol and diesel. Thankfully, following talks between the government and leaders of indigenous groups, this move was reversed and peace was quickly re-established. However, there is a lingering distrust in some quarters, and talk of outside influences encouraging the unrest.

• Praise God for the way he answered the prayers of so many of his people in Ecuador, for peace to be re-established. PRAY for the government as it seeks alternative means of addressing the difficult economic situation of the country, including a large national debt. PRAY too for different political factions to agree to put aside their differences and work together for the good of the country. In addition, PRAY that the church would continue to be a positive witness in difficult economic times.

Other prayer points for January

1 Praise God for his consistent grace and goodness in 2019; PRAY that, as a community of believers, Latin Link would remain attentive to his voice in the year ahead.

3 PRAY for this month’s elections in Peru and Bolivia; for political stability and peace.

6 PRAY for lecturer Geoff Baines and students at the Central American Theological Centre, beginning a new year of classes today.

10-13 PRAY for the Latin Link Central America South Team (Costa Rica and Nicaragua), as they begin their annual conference.

10 PRAY for the new Striders hoping to begin placements this month: Josh Murphy and Ana Reid (both going to Peru), and Dan and Catherine Hollands, with their boys Joshua and Joel (Colombia).

13 PRAY for Ray Miller and Bridget Bennett’s work at ProMETA. The new experimental Masters course in Intercultural Development begins today.

15 PRAY for wisdom and direction for Jill Spink and the team at Cascadas (Spain), gathering for their annual meeting.

16-19 In Argentina, Priscilla Breekveldt, Flavia Lescano and Paula Smyth are helping to organise and participate in a parenting course this week.

25 Today in Peru, Arco Iris (the Rainbow project), are celebrating 20 years since the first child entered their children’s home. Praise God for his provision throughout the two decades of ministry.

30 The Guatemala-Mexico Team meet for their team conference today. PRAY for guidance, vision and a positive time building community together.

Download a pdf of the January 2020 ¡Oremos! with all the above prayer points here