The Bolivia team is reaching out and discipling among diverse and needy groups and communities:

Image of Bolivia map and factsLouis and Maribel Woodley are based in the mining city of Potosí. They are involved in several leadership training and discipleship ministries, including the Timothy Institute and the Mission in Action discipleship group for young leaders. They lead the discipleship groups in their local church (Mecanicos Church). Maribel is an instructor with the Child Evangelism Fellowship and hosts a group for widows called the Conquerors. Louis is Latin Link Bolivia team leader.

  • PRAY for Louis and Maribel as they lead groups and train others in leadership.
  • PRAY for the Mecanicos church as it looks to buy a plot of land where it can build a permanent home.   

Graham and Debbie Frith are the National Directors of El Alfarero ('The Potter'), a student ministry in both Santa Cruz and Sucre, which provides holistic services to university students, including a café, counselling centre, pregnancy crisis, refuge, library and training. They also head up the Masters in Strategic Leadership (El Aprendiz), which trains professionals called to youth ministry across Latin America.

  • PRAY for El Alfarero projects in Sucre and Santa Cruz, and especially for the goal of achieving self-sustainability.
  • PRAY for the potential expansion of El Alfarero model, particularly in the city of La Paz.

Image of volunteers team for prison ministry in Oruro, BoliviaJulie Noble works with Prison Fellowship Oruro and coordinates the Restoring Hope Programme. Team members visit the prison to run discipleship courses, and there is also a group who work with young offenders, doing discipleship, victim empathy, restorative practices and other courses. The team is also involved in helping one of the Youth Court judges implement restorative justice mechanisms with the young offenders and their families and victims. The Angel Tree Centre (Prison Fellowship Oruro’s other programme) works with prisoners’ children and their families, and currently has 34 children registered.

  • PRAY for positive results from the restorative justice initiatives.
  • PRAY that those being discipled would reach out to their fellow prisoners with the gospel message.

Suzanne Windsor and team work in different jails each week in Cochabamba, giving training in basic life-skills combined in a practical way with how Jesus can make the difference between living a victorious life and being lost without hope. The team also works with women, children and any from broken and damaged families within the city, offering love, practical support and most of all Jesus.

  • PRAY for God’s strength and wisdom to guide and lead the team.

Image of Daniel Allen with nursery childrenDaniel Allen works at the Mayorazgo nursery/day-care centre in Cochabamba, helping children with special needs. He is especially working alongside two kids with disabilities. He also helps out with the worship and youth groups at his church.

  • 'PRAY for the staff to show God’s love as we teach the children.'
  • PRAY that I may build on the relationships I have made with the young people in the church.'

Image of the Friths teaching a mentoring course at El AlfareroShort Term Coordinator Brigitte Borner is looking for a 2018 Step team placement. ‘Often we send Step teams to rural areas where they can serve a whole village.

  • PRAY for the preparations and for wisdom as we take decisions.’ 

Brigitte has also just finished teaching the Perspectives theological course, designed to mobilise the local church in to mission, to almost 180 students between La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

  • PRAY for the Perspectives students, that they can multiply what they learned, and that more Bolivians would hear and obey the call of God into mission.

PRAY for the other Bolivia team members: Juan Soza and Anouschka Putschky de Soza and family; Walter and Melina Callegari and family; and Craig and Amanda Cunningham and family.

Pray for Bolivia:

PRAY for the judicial elections in Bolivia on 3 December. PRAY that the right candidates – servant-hearted people of integrity – will be elected.

PRAY that the government will pursue policies that make wise and responsible use of the natural resources of the country.

PRAY for justice. Many sectors are making demands from local and national government. PRAY for fair decisions that will benefit those that really need it.

Other prayer points... November

3 Global Connections mission evening at Nottingham University Christian Union. Latin Link has a stand. Pray for God’s leading for the students who attend.

3–5 Vive Foundation holds its final camp of the year with their Funky Frog Club leaders in the Urabá area of Colombia. Pray for safe travel and impact in the life of the leaders. 

4 Buena Tierra ('Good Soil') has produced a new manual, Aurora, with 17 classes to teach kids about the prevention of sexual abuse. It is holding its first training session today, in Lima, Peru.

4 In Salta, Argentina, Priscilla Breekveldt is running De Todo Un Poco ('A Bit of Everything'), a new once-a-month club for 9–11 year olds. Pray that children from outside church will come to this creative afternoon of games, craft, food and Christian input.

4–5 Step and Stride debrief conference, in Swindon. Pray that the participants build good memories, and consider future involvement in Latin American mission.

12 Daniel Lescano is leading the early evening service in San Andrés Church, Salta, Argentina. Pray that people bring friends to this new, seeker-style initiative.

13–19 Tim and Hannah Flatman, with baby Rita, are attending training in João Pessoa, Brazil, for mission workers with quilombola communities. Pray for a good time of learning and envisioning.

18–20 San Andrés Church (in Salta, Argentina) holds its annual retreat this weekend. Pray for Daniel and Flavia Lescano and Hans and Priscilla Breekveldt, helping to organise the weekend.

24 In Bolivia, it’s the Angel Tree Centre end-of-year parents’ meeting in Oruro prison.

25–26 Nueva Esperanza ('New Hope') bereavement camp in Pisac, Peru. Pray for Kay Stoker and the team as they help an all-age group process their grief.

25–10 Dec Martin Haworth is on his Outer Hebrides Tour (including some annual leave). Pray that as he visits churches, he will inspire and encourage through stories and updates on Latin American mission.

30 Louis Woodley asks for prayer for the Timothy Institute graduations in Potosí, Bolivia, today. Pray that the graduates will begin to replicate the courses in other places.

Download a pdf of the November 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.