The Costa Rica Team is made up of nine Latin Link members, involved in a range of ministries across the country. On this page, we will be sharing prayer requests from the Britain and Ireland sent members, as well as more general prayer points for Latin Link members throughout July. Thank you for praying!

Ian and Brenda Darke live in San José. Ian is the coordinator of the Latin American Bible Commentary project, Comentario Bíblico Contemporáneo (CBC). Brenda’s ministry promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities: through Viva, the Christian network for children at risk; Christian university ESEPA; and in church-based Uno en Cristo support group for families.

PRAY for the distribution of the CBC across Latin America. Praise God that the first batch has been sold already.

In August, Uno en Cristo will be celebrating 15 years of ministry. PRAY that it can continue supporting families, and sharing Jesus with them, for many more years to come.

Ray Miller representing ProMETA at a youth mission eventRay Miller and Bridget Bennett work with the ProMETA online university, which equips Latin American mission workers to serve in cross-cultural ministry. They offer accessible courses for students around the world, studying for Certificates, Diplomas and Masters.

PRAY for the new online Masters course in Development and Intercultural Studies, which they hope to launch in September.

The 2019 Costa Rica Step TeamStep Team: From the 1 – 22 July, a Step Team will be working alongside a church in Los Guido, Desamparados. They are involved in a range of activities, including building a fence for the church, and supporting the church’s regular activities: women’s and children’s programmes, outreach in a local school, cleaning up the surrounding streets, and helping with a feeding programme. To keep up to date with their mission and see regular prayer points, click here.

PRAY for Kayla Chandler, Short Term Coordinator in Costa Rica, who is organising the Step project. She will be responsible for the team throughout their stay.

PRAY for other Costa Rica Team members: William and Nadia Zapata Hirsig, Ariana Pradervand and Zoe Bailat.

Pray for Costa Rica:

PRAY for the economy of the country. Taxes are increasing and as a consequence it is feared that there will be greater poverty. Unemployment levels may also rise, due to major companies leaving the country.

PRAY for the church in Costa Rica to be mobilised to pray against political and cultural initiatives that go against biblical values.

• There is a great need for training and teaching in the church, to help people understand God’s love for them, and guide them in actively showing this love to their neighbour.

Other prayer points... July

1-5 Douglas and María Augusta Cowan are running a summer Bible club in Málaga, Spain. Pray for the young people coming from the local community, many of whom are not from church backgrounds.

4 Graham and Debbie Frith, who run the El Alfarero ministry in Bolivia, begin sending country assignment today.

7 The Spring Step Team finish their placement today, after four months in Guatemala. Pray for them as they begin processing and reflecting on their experiences.

8 Pray for Geoff Baines, at the Central American Theological centre, as he begins teaching new students in Greek and Hebrew today, at the start of this new academic term.

10 Paul Crothers is involved in an annual holiday Bible club for around 150 children in Recife. Pray that they have fun and grow in their understanding of who God is and how much he loves them.

17-19 In Guatemala, Suzanne Potter and Maddie Buchanan are visiting a mission hospital today. They hope this will be a placement option for medical elective students in the future.

18 Hannah Wilkinson, Stay member in Peru, goes on sending country assignment today.

19 Anisa Marsh and Rachel Tolhurst come to the end of their Stride placement. Pray for them both as they return from Colombia and begin their next steps.

23-27 Jan Greenwood is part of a retreat for the children of mission workers in Brazil. Pray for all the young people attending, as they spend time connecting with one another and exploring the shared challenges of being ‘third culture kids’.

Download a pdf of the July 2019 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points HERE