Incoming Mission – supporting Latin American mission workers as they serve the Church:

Image with map and facts about Britain and IrelandThe Incoming Mission (IM) ministry (previously known as Latin Partners) seeks to place and support Latin American mission workers for service in Britain and Ireland. 

Sadoc and Vivi Chongo are working in Trinity Church, Dalry, Scotland, focusing especially on teenagers and youth. 

  • PRAY for their new ministries, particularly the youth club and Spanish lessons. 

Jacqueline McCallum is at First Larne Presbyterian Church, Northern Ireland. She is serving church leaders, and developing outreach, pastoral and discipleship work.  

  • PRAY for Jacqueline as she trains leaders, disciples young Christians, and visits elderly people in their homes and care-homes.

Diana Vílchez Huerto serves with St Hilda’s Church in Manchester. Her ministry includes teaching, discipling, pastoral care and assisting in the local primary school.

  • PRAY for her work at the primary school, where 80 per cent of the children are from non-Christian families.

Image of four smiling women, including an Incoming Mission workerLelmer and Renata Campos are serving in Weymouth, working especially in youth and children’s work, and in community projects.

  • Lelmer and Renata are hoping to take an outreach team from Germany and Britain to Brazil in July. PRAY for the planning.

Orlando and Sally-Anne Castro serve through music and Spanish ministries in Diss. 

  • PRAY that as they teach they will have opportunities to speak about Jesus.

Angela Docto works with refugees and other immigrants in north-west London.

  • PRAY that the love of Jesus shines through Angela to all those she works with.

David Montero has recently arrived from Bolivia on a one-year Stride placement at Community Church Putney. 

  • PRAY that God will use David to touch hearts and minds with the love of Jesus.

PRAY for the IM members currently back in South America: Mariane Markwart, Flor Colmenares, and Yoli Loza.

Pray for Britain and Ireland: 

  • With the growing movement of mission workers from everywhere to everywhere, pray for the IM team as it seeks to develop multi-directional mission within Latin Link.
  • Pray that many respond to God’s call to serve both in Latin America and in Europe. 
  • Latin Link works alongside local churches throughout Britain and Ireland to help them better fulfil their mission. Pray for additional capacity and resources to do this effectively. 

Other prayer points... June

1 In Colombia, Abby Frett is serving at El Comedor Pan y Vida (Bread of Life Canteen). She asks for prayer as she is working with children from tough backgrounds.

3 The Buena Tierra (Good Soil) team continues its Christian Education courses in north Lima, Peru. They take place every Saturday throughout this month.

3–4 Joel Gonzalez is travelling to Highlands Veracruz, Mexico. He will be teaching and preaching.

5–9 Priscilla Breekveldt is visiting the Striders in Chile. Pray that she will be a source of encouragement, pastoral care and advice as needed.

11–19 Scotland Coordinator Martin Haworth is undertaking a tour of churches in north-west Scotland. Pray that many will be inspired to get involved with Latin Link.

17–20 Pray for Mayra Gomez as she reaches the halfway point in her ten weeks of teaching on ‘The Prophets of the Bible’ in Vanguardia Bible Institute in Mexico. 

20 & 23 Pray for Roland and Jenny Brown, as they help the afterschool programme in Pacifico shanty town, Lima, Peru.

23–25 Summer Step and Stride orientation in Wokingham. There should be four Step teams and a number of Striders. Pray that these days equip and prepare those going to Latin America.

24 Suzanne Potter is back with the students in El Salvador. This time she is giving ministerial training about how to share your faith through friendship. 

25–30 Brazil team conference in Campinas. Pray that they may have a good time of encouragement meeting together.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the Youth Encounter (EJE) weekend in Salta Argentina. Priscilla Breekveldt reports: ‘The weekend is the climax of a year’s worth of discipleship and planning. Over 100 young people took part, some as first-timers and some as team helpers. Each met with Jesus and went home changed by the power of God.’

Download a pdf of the June 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.