Brazil – tackling the many needs of a vast country:

Image with map and facts about BrazilIzaías and Ruth Daniel de Assis, with Jonathan. Izaías is Team Leader. They work in Ceará state, leading Proclamation Church and developing various community projects.

  • PRAY that through the church’s integral mission work, the community sees Jesus.

Phil and Jan teach at the Evangelical Missions Centre (CEM) in Viçosa, training Brazilians for mission.

  • PRAY that the 15 first-year students and the ten second-year students learn and grow during their time at CEM.

Phil and Carolina Rout, with Benjamin and Samuel, are in São Paulo, doing theological study. In their church, they teach, and coordinate the Sunday children’s ministry.

  • PRAY for Christ-focused, healthy learning and growth as we study and serve.’

Verna Langrell leads the JEAME ministry street school in São Paulo. The team visits young people on the streets every week, and helps them to leave the streets.

  • PRAY for the team that visits the streets, for joy, protection, and God’s grace.

Image of woman talking with child on street in BrazilPaul Crothers is based in Recife. ‘I work with two ministries, Vale do Senhor and Valuing Lives, which seek to educate, support, and invest in the local communities.’

  • PRAY for two new projects – a second football project with young teenage boys in a neighbouring community, and a monthly men’s meeting.’

Tim and Hannah Flatman ‘serve in a local Anglican church, discipling and training young people. We also assist CADI Gaibu, an NGO that walks alongside vulnerable children and their families.’

  • PRAY as we begin to transition into working with quilombola communities (which trace their descent from African ancestors who resisted slavery).’

PRAY also for Kat Duncan, who recently completed her Stride, is marrying Ricardo (from Brazil) on 29 April, and plans to return to Brazil in the summer; and Dan and Marcia Lawrance, assisting mission through air transportation in the Amazon region.

Pray for Brazil:

  • Michel Temer took over the Presidency after Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment last year. PRAY that he leads with wisdom and integrity.
  • Investigations into corruption at the highest levels of government and industry have shaken the country. PRAY for justice to be done, and that honesty and service become defining values.
  • PRAY that God would raise up church leaders who will champion the cause of the gospel, social justice, and mission, in Brazil and the wider world.

Other prayer points... April

1 Expo Evangelism event in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This evangelism training event sees El Alfarero (The Potter) join with other organisations and churches who work with youth. About 300 people are expected.

1 Inspire! Ireland in Belfast. Pray for a good turnout and an inspiring time!

7–9 Inspire! Scotland in Pitlochry. Pray that the weekend provides plenty of opportunities to be inspired about Latin American mission and to develop contacts.

8 The Anglican church in Gaibu that Tim and Hannah Flatman attend is holding an Environmental Forum. Churches and community and local government members will discuss how to keep the beaches and ocean clean. 

8 Phil and Carolina Rout have organised leadership training for the leaders in their church in São Paulo, Brazil. Ziel Machado (principal of the college where Phil is studying) will teach about being church in the metropolis. Pray for a good turnout, sharp minds and soft hearts.

22 Louis and Maribel Woodley are helping to lead an Evangelism Workshop in Betanzos, Bolivia.

25–6 May Jeremy Weightman is visiting Striders in Chile and Bolivia. His particular focus is on taking photographs and video footage for new publicity projects.  

26 Dani and Flavia Lescano, with Sofí, are part of a team of six from north Argentina who arrive in the UK today to visit British partner churches, for six weeks. Pray for the impact of their testimonies.

27–30 Christopher Wright, Director of Langham Partnership, is visiting Costa Rica. He is speaking at several events and meeting leaders. Pray that his visit encourages preaching and study from the whole Bible.

28–30 Colombia team retreat in Bogotá. Pray for a good time of refreshment and encouragement for the team.

29–30 Louis and Maribel Woodley are in El Alto, Bolivia. They are teaching a Timothy Institute course on ‘Stewardship’.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the Vive Kids’ circus training event (4–8 January) in Colombia. Fiona Christie reports: ‘We had 137 leaders from 33 of our clubs, and about 330 children. The teaching was on peace, and how to have peace with God and live in peace – poignant in an area that has been particularly affected by the armed conflict.’

Download a pdf of the April 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.