Providing theological education for churches and leaders in Mexico:

Map and facts of MexicoJoel Gonzalez and Mayra Gomez, with Joel Fernando, are based in the city of Puebla. They report: ‘Our work in theological education continues to grow.

‘We provide courses for local churches. Our regular teaching with Instituto Vanguardia is going well; the first graduation of our students has just taken place. 

‘We continue to move towards creating the Aztec Trinitarian School of Theology (ETAT). In May we started a collaboration with Universidad Madero de Puebla (Madero University of Puebla – UMAD). UMAD has academic accreditation from the Mexican government and the infrastructure within which we can develop the initial part of ETAT. We are running a pilot course to create interest, with a view to beginning a diploma next academic year, which starts in two months! These are paving the way for the development of ETAT under UMAD’s umbrella.

‘We continue working with local churches in Puebla, Ixtapaluca and the Highlands of Veracruz.'

Image of members with youth leaders'We both also felt it important to assist with teaching English language at Joel Fernando’s primary school.’

  • PRAY for the growth of our networks in Mexico, and for the development of ETAT.
  • PRAY for physical and emotional strength as we feel tired though joyful.
  • PRAY for safety in travels and protection from God for each of us.
  • PRAY for at least four co-workers to join us in Puebla or nearby areas. 

Pray for Mexico:

  • Elections are approaching: the country is extremely divided and factions are fighting for control over key regions. PRAY for peace and a Church that will stand for Christian values.
  • Violence and insecurity are growing, with an increasing murder rate. There are few investigations into these crimes. PRAY for peace and justice.
  • The tension with the USA and Donald Trump is putting pressure on the financial markets and on laws and policies. PRAY for wisdom and respect for people and the country.

Other prayer points... July

1–2 Louis Woodley is preaching at an evangelistic campaign in Puna, Potosí, Bolivia, with the UCE denomination.

9 Benjamín Curín is preaching at the Wayfarers Fellowship Evangelical Church in Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight. Pray especially for his English to be clear so that he may faithfully explain God’s word. 

9–10 Vive Foundation is holding its first big event in Medellín, Colombia. Called ‘Vive Relevante’, it is designed to equip Sunday school teachers and church leaders to disciple the children in their congregations. Pray for a good attendance and for the training to be effective.

10 A Summer Step team arrives in Nicaragua. The team will be working with young people and children and on a building project with a church in León.

11 & 25 In Medellín, Colombia, Manuel Reaño starts a series of lessons on Homiletics. Those attending are young lay preachers who used to be streetchildren.

13 Bridget Bennett preaches for the first time at her church (Amistad Internacional) in Costa Rica.

17 & 22 The two ten-week Christian Education courses that Buena Tierra (Good Soil) has been running in north Lima, Peru, finish. Praise God for the graduates. Pray for those who will continue studying the next levels in August. 

19 A Church Step team from St Thomas with St Stephen, London, arrives in Peru. They are going to be based in Cañete, south of Lima, until 16 August.

24–29 SETECA (the main Bible seminary in Guatemala City) is holding a conference about mission. Latin Link has an exhibition stand. Pray for good engagement with the students and other attendees. 

28–30 Manuel Reaño heads to Armenia, Colombia, for a second round of conferences with pastors and church leaders. The theme is biblical leadership.

28 A Summer Step team arrives in Guatemala City (till 18 August). The team will be working with Puerta de Esperanza (Door of Hope), helping in educational support activities with children who live and work in the Terminal (the main bus station and market).

30 Benjamín Curín is preaching at Niton Baptist Church on the Isle of Wight.

Download a pdf of the July 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.

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