Image of Latin Link On Location podcast buttonThe third Latin Link On Location podcast has been released.

This podcast has a different feel, as it has reports from three countries affected by natural disasters and political upheaval in 2017. The location reports are from Mexico, Peru and Guatemala.

First, Mayra Gomez recalls being caught up in the two earthquakes in Mexico in 2017, the effect they had on the country, and how the nation responded to the catastrophe.

Image of people in Piura, Peru, wading through flood watersSecond, various members of the Latin Link Peru team talk about the devastating floods that affected large parts of the country, and how these floods are part of a wider picture of the effects of climate change in Peru and across the region.

We end in Guatemala, where Geoff Baines talks about the corruption scandals and popular discontent that has led to countrywide protests.

A podcast with a difference - but one that will inspire our prayers!

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Thank you so much for your interest in and support for God's work in Latin America and beyond!