Transforming local communities through the local church in Chile:

Map and facts of ChileBenjamín and Ruth Curín, with Abigail (2 years) and Matías (6 months), return to Chile in mid-August after time in the UK. They begin a new project planting an Anglican Church in Temuco. Benja will be leading and training a team of local Christians who will plant the church in a growing residential area where there is a great need for evangelism.

Benja and Ruth will also continue as the Short Term Coordinators for Chile, looking for projects for Step teams and Striders and caring for those who come to serve in Chile. 

  • PRAY for the Curín family as they return to live and work in a new town in Chile, having lived in Santiago for the past three years. They need to find a new house and a car, as well as locate a nursery for Abigail. 
  • PRAY for wisdom in choosing and training people for the church-planting team. 

Image of Neil Stewart teaching EnglishJenny and Neil Stewart are working with a local church in San Joaquín in Santiago. Their main role is helping the church open out to the community. They run many community activities – teaching English, running a homework club for children, and growing relationships with people who live near the church. They are also assisting in discipleship with the young people in the church and running a marriage course. This is all to build relationships, grow trust, and change the perception of the church in this community.

  • PRAY as they seek to deepen relationships with the community as well as helping church members to do so too.
  • PRAY for God to help Neil and Jenny to develop strong Christian values in the married couples in this community.
  • PRAY for the restructuring of the church’s programmes so that the church can continue to be open to non-believers.

PRAY for Seren Anderson, who has just finished her Stride placement and has returned to university in Scotland.

PRAY for Dutch Striders Roel and Roos Fledderus, working with students in Santiago.

Pray for Chile:

  • Recent years have seen many immigrants from other Latin American countries coming to Chile. Sadly, many Chileans discriminate against them. PRAY for this attitude to change and for the Church to speak out against racism and discrimination. 
  • In November there will be presidential elections in Chile. PRAY for the election process to be free from corruption and that the winner will bring real and positive change for the majority of Chileans and not just for the few. 

Other prayer points... August

7–9 Manuel Reano is speaking at a men’s retreat in Medellín, Colombia.

7–31 Beth Lindon is doing a mini-Stride placement in Guatemala. She is supporting the Oasis home for girls who have suffered sexual abuse. Pray for Beth as she adapts to the project, and considers longer-term involvement in mission. 

17–21 Patty Reaño will be speaking at a women’s retreat in Medellín, Colombia, with the women of Presbyterian Cumberland Church. Pray that the Lord gives Patty a fresh word for the women and that the Holy Spirit prepares their hearts. 

18–19 Louis Woodley will be leading a Timothy Institute course in Bogotá, Colombia. It will include a graduation ceremony.

18–20 Manuel Reaño is in Montería, north Colombia. He is giving several preaching and teaching sessions at the anniversary of the Assemblies of God in that city.

21–26 A number of Latin Link members, including future International Team Leader Paul Turner, will be attending a consultation being run by COMIBAM (the Latin American and Iberian network for mission) in Bogotá, Colombia. Pray that the event would be key in deepening relationships and partnerships across the continent, and that Latin Link can serve others in further developing sustainable methods of mission mobilisation and sending from Latin America.

25–27 Vive Foundation is holding its first camp of the year for its Children’s Club leaders in north Colombia.

26–1 September Timothy Institute course in Tabatinga, Brazil. Louis Woodley is participating; Basic Trainer certificates will be awarded.

Thank you for praying

‘Thanks for praying for our LIVE discipleship course at First Larne Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland,’ says Jax McCallum. ‘The five sessions encouraged, uplifted and strengthened the faith of over 20 ladies of different ages, challenging us to LIVE a life for Jesus. We will run the second part of the course (GROW) in the coming months.’

Download a pdf of the August 2017 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.