In Bolivia, Latin Link members are working alongside people from all walks of life: students, teachers, prisoners and their families, church leaders and widows. Along the way their goal is simple; to love and disciple the people of Bolivia.

Who's in the team?The Latin Link team in Bolivia, at their annual meeting.

Graham and Debbie Frith lead El Alfarero, a student ministry providing a café, counselling, pregnancy crisis support, a library and training. They also lead a Masters course in Strategic Leadership for youth ministers. Graham is Team Leader for Latin Link Bolivia.

PRAY for God’s guidance in El Alfarero’s annual board meeting and retreat this month.

PRAY too for new Strider Laura Szejnmann, who begins her placement with them this month.

Louis and Maribel Woodley are involved in discipleship and training in Potosí. Louis is the national director for The Timothy Institute. Maribel trains Sunday School teachers and is involved in The Conquerors, which supports widows.

PRAY as they try to strengthen these ministries by raising up future leaders.

Julie Noble works with Prison Fellowship in Oruro. She supports the Angel Tree Centre, working with prisoners’ children and their families. She also coordinates Restoring Hope, which works in discipleship and restorative justice with offenders.

PRAY for financial provision and more volunteers for Prison Fellowship programmes.

Suzanne Windsor is retiring to the UK in February.

GIVE THANKS for the many years Suzanne has served in Bolivia, along with her late husband Charles, and PRAY as she settles back in the UK and seeks to serve God here. PRAY for the Bolivians who worked in ministry with Suzanne, that they will find new jobs, and continue to follow God, reaching out with his love to those around them.

PRAY for new Strider, Simon Howling, arriving in Bolivia next month.

PRAY for the rest of the Bolivia team; Juan Soza and Anouschka Putschhky de Soza, Jimmy and Brigitte Fernandez, Susanne Dätwyler, and Craig and Amanda Cunningham.

A map of Bolivia in relation to South America. Key statistics including population (10 million), Currency (Boliviano) and Language spoken (Spanish, Aymara and Quchua)Pray for Bolivia

  • PRAY for righteousness and justice in a nation where the issue of corruption looms large, and the tendency for those in power to manipulate is prominent.
  • PRAY for government policies concerning the wise use of natural resources and foreign trading agreements.
  • PRAY for the Bolivian church. Denominational and theological differences often hinder the work of the church. PRAY for unity and for effective proclamation of the gospel message.
  • PRAY that the church would have the freedom to preach the true gospel boldly and that people would turn away from the many false philosophies present in the culture.

General Latin Link Prayer points for January

1st | Maddie Buchanan arrives in Guatemala this month. Pray for her as she begins three months of language training and project visits, before taking on the role of Guatemala’s Short Term Coordinator.

5th | Tim, Hannah and Rita Flatman return to Brazil today. Pray as they spend the next two months training the church outreach team in leadership and contextualised church planting.

10th | Phil and Jan are running a 5-day course in Psychology for pastors and lay people, followed by a 5-day course on family counselling.

11th | Eli Stunt flies back to Peru after her time in Spain. Pray for a safe journey and for a good period of readjustment, as Eli settles back into life and ministry in Peru.

13th | Kate Campbell arrives in Ecuador for her six-month Stride placement. She will be working alongside Katie Griggs at the Vida en Abundancia and Orphaids projects.

17-21st | Latin Link Guatemala/Mexico team conference in Puebla, Mexico. Pray for all the members as they spend time together and re-inspire vision for Latin Link’s work in these countries.

23rd | After 12 years of planning, commissioning and writing, the first 5,000 copies of the Comentario Bíblico Contemporáneo (Contemporary Bible Commentary) are due to be shipped from Italy today! Please pray that the complete process goes to plan, and that the books arrive safe and dry in Miami.

28th | Izaías and Ruth Daniel de Assis open a new school, in Brazil. Pray for all the children and teachers beginning this month.

Download a pdf of the January 2019 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points HERE