Members are working in diverse ministries across Peru:

Map and facts of PeruSarah Clay serves the Turmanyé (Rainbow) project, which works with women and children at risk, and her local church in Huaraz, primarily in teaching.

  • ‘After six months away on sending country assignment, PRAY for wisdom as I draw up my new timetable, balancing leadership team responsibilities and people to disciple.’

Jess Lynch works at Turmanyé, helping children newest to the residential house to improve their reading, writing and Maths.

  • PRAY that the children gain a life-changing understanding of who God is and how much he loves them, and experience his power for redemption and restoration.

Ian Horne and Juliana Morillo-Horne, with Andreas and Daniel, work with Quechua people in Cusco. Ian supports Quechua churches with leadership training, mentoring, and the use of scripture in Quechua, and promotes improved nutrition. Juliana promotes Christian care for creation, through training, activities and networking.

  • PRAY for the leaders of rural Quechua churches, who serve in difficult circumstances with no salary.
  • PRAY for the Cuido mi Barrio (I care for my neighbourhood) initiative that Juliana is helping to coordinate. The aim is to get church youth groups in Cusco involved in practical service and care for creation.

Dave and Kay Stoker, with Joshua and Emily, work in Cusco. Dave recently started a one-year spiritual growth programme called Raíces Fuertes (Strong Roots) in Sicuani. Kay is developing Nueva Esperanza (New Hope), which supports bereaved families after an unexpected death. ‘We are beginning to gain access into local schools.’

  • PRAY for the Raíces Fuertes participants to remain committed to the programme.
  • PRAY for God to provide a part-time pastoral worker for Nueva Esperanza, thus allowing Kay to develop the schools work.

Hannah Wilkinson lives in Arequipa and is the Short Term Coordinator for Peru, overseeing Step teams and Striders. She is also involved in sending Peruvians into mission.

  • PRAY for God’s wisdom and guidance as Hannah supports the Striders in Peru, and for the preparation of new placements.

Image of Quechua women knittingRuth McKee works at the Shalom Centre, which helps children with special needs and their families.

  • PRAY for Ruth and the staff team as they plan for the new school year, which begins in March.

    PRAY for Ruth as she does home visits during the holidays.

Fiona and Chris Courtman, with Edith, Teddy and Rufus, live in Arequipa. Fiona runs a knitting workshop at a church plant and does illustration work. Chris supports the Christian team at the International School. 

PRAY that through the knitting workshop women might feel drawn to find out more about the Christian faith.

PRAY for Chris as he encourages Christian outreach in the International School.

PRAY for the other members in Peru: Henry Charca; Bernhard and Johanna Wenk; Mirjam and Jürg Hofer; Elisabeth Wyler; Albert and Maresa den Oudsten and family; Eli Stunt; Mayte Lanero; Jerson and Rahel Guimas; Livia Forrer; and Diana Andrade.

International Assembly: 1–7 February in Guatemala

The International Assembly (IA) occurs every four years, gathering the whole Latin Link community together. There will be worship, Bible teaching, seminars, networking, and business sessions where key decisions will be made, particularly around leadership roles.

PRAY for the organising team, the logistics, and the programme.
PRAY for a sense of God’s leading, especially as Paul Turner becomes International Team Leader, and as the Core Team and International Forum are confirmed and elected, respectively.
PRAY that as members return to their countries they retain the impetus, enthusiasm and passion generated at the IA. 

Other prayer points... February

7–9 GuateMex team conference. Pray for post-IA stamina!

10–14 The Evangelical Missions Centre (CEM) in Viçosa, Brazil, is running a short course for professionals interested in mission overseas. Pray for a good number to attend and that they would be challenged to step out in faith and serve God.

16–18 In Bogotá, Colombia, Manuel Reaño is leading a retreat for women from the Confraternidad group of churches.

19 Start of the new academic year at CEM. Pray that a full complement of 15 students enrol and begin the course.

22–24 Training organisation Timothy Institute has its Andean Summit in Lima, Peru. Louis and Maribel Woodley are both attending.

21–25 Spring Step orientation in Northwood Hills, London. Pray for an excellent time of preparation for the eight team members going to Chile and Argentina.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the Nueva Esperanza bereavement camp in November. Kay Stoker reports: ‘We had 19 participants trying to come to terms with the unexpected death of loved ones. The feedback has been very positive. Many tears were shed, which always allows healing to begin.’ 

Download a pdf of the February 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.