Report 14 - 24/07/18

We are going to miss all the friends we have made and all of those who have made our time in South America so special... Read more

Report 13 - 11/07/18

We sorted through all the shoes we had bought in Bolivia, putting them in size order and putting a memory verse in each pair, ready to give Read more

Report 12 - 21/06/18

After an extensive search we eventually bought 48 pairs of trainers which we are very excited to give to them next time we see them! Read more

Report 11 - 18/06/18

We had great conversations with the kids about who God is with some hilarious answers, and played football with a little girl who is so good that she put us all to shame... Read more

Report 10 - 08/06/18

Alice and Mo visited Lis, a lady who works in a local shoe shop, and talk to her for around an hour and were also able to pray with her... Read more

Report 9 - 21/05/18

Hola for the first time from Argentina! Read more

Report 8 - 13/05/18

We could not have asked for a more amazing experience and none of us will ever forget our time here... Read more

Report 7 - 30/04/18

Just when we thought it was time for bed, Grace and Ellie got onto the deeply controversial topic of whether Crocs are acceptable or not... Read more

Report 6 - 25/04/18

Thermal pools and eleven hours of sanding... Read more

Report 5 - 17/04/18

We went around the area evangelising... many people opened up about their lives and their struggles... Read more

Report 4 - 09/04/18

Sunday afternoon took an eventful turn, with April fools galore... Read more

Report 3 - 03/04/18

We spent the day visiting homes, knocking on people’s doors, telling people the gospel and praying for them... Read more

Report 2 - 27/03/18

The boys joined German and his team as the cement mixing began, whilst the girls planned for the upcoming evangelism with the youth... Read more

Report 1 - 20/03/18

A warm welcome to Temuco Read more