December 17 // 7:30PM

Come and join our online Christmas event! We’re hosting a special Spanish Worship Night live on Facebook, where you can spend time worshipping as part of an international community. Hear and learn from God’s word, be inspired by more stories of Hope, and celebrate all that God has been doing in and through Latin American mission this year.

How to join

This event will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. There'll be a chat box set up for you to use, and members of the Latin Link team will be on hand to talk and pray throughout the event. So please do drop in and say hello!

Facebook Page


Catch up on Zoom

Straight after the live event, we'll be hosting a community Zoom call. This is just a chance to catch up, ask any questions you have, and pray with each other. Everyone's welcome to join, you just need to sign up beforehand so we can email you the details before the event.

Sign up for our Zoom Catch Up

Not sure what to expect? You can rewatch September's online Spanish Worship Night here.