Abi’s Step Mission to Ecuador

Abi Foster

I’m going to Santo Domingo, Ecuador with a Step Team in May 2022 for 3 months, working alongside the local church and community and spreading God’s love.

Lily's Step Mission to Ecuador

Lily Herring

I am fundraising to be able to go on my trip to Ecuador, where the team will be volunteering within the community for 3 months from April 2022.

Jessie Henley's 1000km Challenge

Jessie Henley

Running 1000km in 2021 for Latin Link's programme in Ecuador

Kate’s step mission to Ecuador

Kate Phillips

I am fundraising to go to Ecuador in 2022. I will be going with the step team, Where we will be working alongside the local church and volunteering within the community.

135km Run for Mexico

Bhoke Magotti

I will be running a total of 135 km shared between me and my sister - the distance between Mexico and Puebla, where I'll be going.

Skydive for Mexico

Bhoke Magotti

I work with children 7 days a week and love the Spanish language and latin culture so when Latin Link offered me a placement in Mexico in an orphanage, it made perfect sense! Fun fact: I got the idea of doing a sponsored skydive from watching I'm A Celeb!

Reto Rana Bacana 2020

Mark Holden

Support the Vive Foundation as they establish children's clubs, train leaders and produce a curriculum for children.

Run for Colombia

Mark Holden

My wife and I worked for several years for the Vive Foundation in Colombia. Since returning to the UK in 2017 I have wanted to do something to raise money for the foundation. I know that they have challenges with their budget and as I’m on furlough at the moment would like to use the time available to do a sponsored run to help raise some support.

Rachael's Running Challenge

Rachael Sirl

Six Half Marathons, Six days, Six Locations

Catharine's 50km Peak District Challenge

Catharine Turton

Taking on the Peaks to raise money for Latin Link!

Birthday Fundraiser!

Ellen Cupples

Wanted to celebrate my birthday by giving a gift to a wonderful organisation that is very dear to my heart.

Suzanne Perkins

Suzanne Perkins

I am heading out to Recife, Brazil for 2 years. I will be working on a project with vulnerable children and teens in an urban community.

Help Guatemalan Families

Rose Wade

Help AMI San Lucas support vulnerable families affected by the impact of COVID-19 in the area of Sololá, Guatemala

North to South: Community Challenge

Latin Link

Support the Latin Link community as we travel 15,000km from Mexico to Chile!