Fundraising for Niall's Guatemalan Mission Trip

Niall Parker

In March of next year I will be going to Guatemala for four months with the STEP team.

Will's Step Fundraiser

Will Catchpole

In March 2019 I will be going to Guatemala for four months working with the Spring Step Team!

Support Sarah on her mission trip to Guatemala 2019

Sarah Rogers

In March 2019, I will be going to Guatemala with Latin Link as part of their 4 month Spring Step team.

Darcie's trip to Guatemala 2019

Darcie Goodey

In March 2019 I will be going to Guatemala for four months working with the spring step team!

Holly's mission trip to Guatemala

Holly Youlton

This year I'm off on a really exciting mission trip to Guatemala to help serve in the local communities. I'd really appreciate any support you can give!

Support Rhiannon to serve on a Step team in Guatemala 2019

Rhiannon Stanford

In March 2019 I am joining the spring Step team to Guatemala for a 4 month mission.

Skydive for Mexico

Bhoke Magotti

I work with children 7 days a week and love the Spanish language and latin culture so when Latin Link offered me a placement in Mexico in an orphanage, it made perfect sense! Fun fact: I got the idea of doing a sponsored skydive from watching I'm A Celeb!

Support Anisa on her Colombian Mission

Anisa Marsh

Volunteering in a local Church-run community centre in Soacha, Bogota.

Katie's mission trip to South America

Katie Birss

I hope to spend the majority of 2019 working on projects directly helping vulnerable people in South America and demonstrating the immense love God has for them.

Fundraising for Rachel's mission trip to Colombia

Rachel Tolhurst

I am fundraising to raise money for my (initially!) 9 month mission trip to Colombia. I will be working with vulnerable children and adults in the south of the capital, Bogotá.

Peru Giant's Causeway Cycle

Karen Harte

From November I will be living in Peru for a year, working as a physiotherapist for children and young adults with special needs. The support raised from this sponsored cycle will be used towards my travel to and from Peru.

Beth's trip to Guatemala

Bethany Bilson

In March 2019 i will be embarking on a short term mission trip to Guatemala with the Latin Link Step Team for four months.


Paula McNeight

If you've chosen NOT to buy tat, here's where you can make a donation instead! Thanks!

Auction of Promises - Support raising for Maddie Buchanan in Guatemala

Madeleine Buchanan

Auction of Promises - Payment Page