Latin Link On Location

Listen to fresh reports and stories from Latin Link members direct from the countries where they are serving.

These podcasts are produced every few months. So you can listen in, find out what is happening in members' ministries, and get inspiration to inform and fuel your prayers.

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Image of Latin Link On Location podcast buttonLatin Link On Location 3 (January 2018)

A podcast looking at some of the natural disasters and political upheavals that happened in Latin America in 2017. Location reports  are from Mexico, Peru and Guatemala. Mayra Gomez recalls the two 2017 earthquakes in Mexico, and the effect they had on the nation. Various members of the Peru team report on the April 2017 floods that affected large parts of the country, and also consider the larger issue of climate change on the region. And Geoff Baines looks at the upheavals and protests caused by corruption scandals in Guatemala.

A podcast with a difference to inspire our prayers!

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Image of Latin Link On LocationLatin Link On Location 2 (June 2017)

A podcast with location reports from Colombia, Northern Ireland and Guatemala. Abi and Pipe Figueroa report from a mission trip to the north coast of Colombia, where they helped those whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. Then we have comments and views from the Inspire! Ireland conference, and finish with Kate Fisher talking about her work with the Oasis centre for girls who have been sexually abused.

A podcast to challenge us and inspire our prayers!

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Image of Latin Link On LocationLatin Link On Location 1 (January 2017)

Launching in style, as Joel and Mayra Gonzalez Gomez talk about the amazing opportunities that are opening up for them to train and equip church leaders in Mexico. Followed by Tom and Catherine Wilmot, who report from Lima, Peru, focusing particularly on their work with children left to fend for themselves during the day and on efforts to reach one section of the female prison population.

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