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Q1: Which country in Latin America is the world’s largest producer of coffee, producing around 3 million metric tons a year?

Answer: Brazil

Q2: In Venezuela’s capital, thousands of people attend Christmas Mass. But what unusual mode of transport do they take?

Answer: Roller Blades (yes, really!)

Q3: Complete the song lyrics: "Don't cry for me..."

Answer: Argentina

Q4: What would you do with zampoñas?

Answer: Play them (they're panpipes!)

Q5: Apart from Chile, which is the only other mainland South American country not to border Brazil?

Answer: Ecuador

Q6: Where do Panama hats come from?

Answer: Ecuador

Q7: In the past 10 years, how many people have gone on Step teams?

Answer: 883

Q8: What’s the second most popular sport in Brazil?

Answer: Volleyball

Q9: Michelle Bachelet was the first female president to be elected in which Latin American country’s history?

Answer: Chile

Q10: In Mexico, it’s not just Santa Claus giving out presents on Christmas morning. Traditionally, who else is likely to leave gifts for children?

Answer: The baby Jesus

Q11: Haka Pei, a sport that originated in Chile, involves people sliding down a large hill at high speed. But what object do they slide down on?

Answer: Two tree trunks tied together

Q12: Which two Latin American countries don't have a coastline?

Answer: Paraguay and Bolivia

Q13: In Guatemala, on Christmas day, how many times do people set off fireworks?

Answer: Three times

Q14: Pictionary Round | Name the Latin Landmark

Picture 1: Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

Picture 2: Moai (we will accept Easter Island statues), Easter Island (we will accept Chile)

Picture 3: Machu Picchu, Peru

Q15: How many times have the Olympics/winter Olympics been hosted in Latin America?

Answer: One time (Brazil)

Q16: Music round [Panpipe edition]

Track 1: Sailing | Rod Stewart

Track 2: Faith | George Michael

Track 3: Love is all around | Wet Wet Wet (we will also accept 'Christmas is all around' by Billy Mack)

Track 4: I will always love you | Whitney Houston

Q17: On the 7th December, Colombian’s celebrate Día de las velitas (little candles day). But what Biblical event is this the celebration of?

Answer: The Immaculate Conception

Q18: How many varieties of potato are cultivated in Peru?

Answer: Around 4000

Q19: They are spirals, swirls and zigzags, and they’re long straight lines. They are rectangles and triangles, they're ancient designs. There are monkeys, dogs and hummingbirds, and plants of all kinds. But in which Latin country are the Nazca lines?

Answer: Peru

Q20: Which Latin American country has been in five Hockey World Cup finals, and won two of them?

Answer: Argentina

Q21: Flag round!

Flag 1: Argentina

Flag 2: Cuba

Flag 3: Ecuador

Flag 4: Bolivia 

Flag 5: Peru

Q22: Which is the largest city in South America with no direct road access?

Answer: Iquitos, Peru

Q23: Llama or alpaca? (We're up for the debate)

Picture 1: Llama

Picture 2: Alpaca

Picture 3: Alpaca

Picture 4: Llama

Q24: Which Latin America city, at 3600m above sea level, is the highest city in the world?

Answer: La Paz, Bolivia

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