Christmas should be a time of wonder, a season to focus on sharing the awesomeness of God’s love. 

As Mary wondered at the news given to her by the Angel Gabriel, we too are amazed at God sending his Son to save us. And we want to share the wonder of this news with others.

That’s exactly what Latin Link members are doing now across Latin America and beyond - spreading the wonderful news of salvation in Jesus. They are showing his love and hope, and addressing a multitude of needs, through church planting, supporting street children, bereavement counselling, caring for creation, prison ministry, training church leaders and so much more!

Scrap the crackers, keep what matters

Many of us go a little crackers (nuts?) at Christmas. Spending can get out of hand. So this year, how about resisting the urge to get silly extras, or just give up one thing you don’t really need? Then you can give the money you save to Latin Link, to share the real wonder of Christmas with those who need it most.

Three images of Christmas gifts and prices

Isaiah 55 v2

Please give wonderfully. Click here to donate to something that matters this Christmas. Thank you!

Photo with quote from Benjamin and Ruth Curin, Stay members serving in Chile

Photo with quote from Sadoc and Vivi Chongo, Incoming Mission members working in Scotland

Image of red box with Isaiah 58:10 inside

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