Help Joel and Mayra raise money for church leaders in Mexico

"It’s commonplace in many Latin American countries for church leaders’ salaries to be paid out of the Sunday offerings. So since the temporary closure of churches, usual church income has been slashed. Many church leaders we know remain employed by the church, but are only receiving 50-60% of their monthly wage.

Throughout the pandemic, pastors have been tirelessly serving their communities, helping the poor, and sharing their limited funds with others in need. As church leaders and missionaries, we know that pastors are often the ones supporting people, giving counselling, hope and conveying faith to others, but that they are also suffering from financial strain, debt and exhaustion after nine months of isolation and uncertainty.

With churches still closed, and many people in the communities facing unemployment, donations are shrinking and the salary deficit is growing. We recently learned that our local church is about 75,000 pesos (£3000) short of being able to pay their staff, including the pastor. The debt has been growing since April 2020 to reach this amount now.

So, in order to support our local churches and enable the pastors to continue their critical service, we are taking on a sponsored walk as a family! As a family, we’ll be walking/jogging 274 km, which is the distance between Puebla city to the Port of Veracruz. The journey would normally take around 4 hours by car, and around 55 hours to walk! Our trek will involve daily walks and jogs, and we hope to complete the distance by mid-January.

All the funds raised will go to help local churches; primarily one in Puebla, to pay its staff team and Pastor and another church in Xalapa, Veracruz to help them to pay their Pastor.

Any amount you're able to sponsor us would make such a difference. Thank you!

Joel, Mayra & JF