Map and facts of PeruWorking in many ministries across Lima, the capital of Peru:

Paul and Ruth Turner. Paul takes over as International Team Leader in February. Ruth is involved in mission mobilisation in Lima, developing member care for mission workers through training, teaching, writing materials and giving pastoral care. She also coordinates member care for Latin Link International.  

  • PRAY for God’s wisdom and guidance for Paul as he seeks to lead Latin Link forward.
  • PRAY for a team to form in Peru committed to developing member care. 

Sharon Jones writes and promotes Bible-based teaching materials published by Buena Tierra (Good Soil), and trains those who use the materials.

  • PRAY for the Buena Tierra team as it trains teachers across Peru and beyond.

Image of Sharon Jones leading a Buena Tierra Bible training seminarBrenda and Andrew Parkins attend Bethel Church in Chaclacayo. Brenda assists the children’s ministry, Andrew preaches and teaches. Brenda helps to translate Portuguese children’s materials into Spanish. Andrew preaches in churches in Huaycán, which has many spiritual and social needs.

  • PRAY that God’s Word is preached and taught faithfully in the churches.
  • Brenda visits her publishing house in Brazil in February. PRAY for a productive time. 

Image of Eduardo Huaman leading a discipleship class

Eduardo and Margo Huaman are working with El Redentor (The Redeemer) Church in Villa María. They are mainly involved in discipleship – Eduardo teaching courses and Margo with the teenagers. Eduardo also preaches. Together they visit a family. 

  • PRAY for the discipleship groups and classes and other ministries at the beginning of a new year.
  • PRAY for the spiritual growth of the family.

PRAY also for the other team members in Lima - Angela Durand de Silva and Kerstin Abbas.

Pray for Peru:

  • There is a tense situation between Congress and the President. Currently the opposition party has the majority in Congress; as a result, the President doesn’t have enough freedom to govern. PRAY that God creates a desire to work together for the benefit of the country.
  • Last year, north and central Peru experienced great flooding: many lost their homes and the infrastructure suffered considerable damage. PRAY for the ongoing reconstruction efforts.
  • The evangelical movement continues to grow in Peru, and comprises about 15 per cent of the population. However, this has not seemingly affected behaviour across the nation: violence, crime, corruption and cases of sexual abuse are increasing. Most churches do not emphasise a gospel message that brings individual and community transformation. PRAY that the Church takes up its prophetic and integral role.

Other prayer points... January

4–8 Funky Frog’s annual circus training event, in Majugual, in the Sucre region of Colombia. This year's topic is the Ten Commandments. Pray that the leaders being trained will understand the teaching (the law as an expression of God’s character and love) and that the children will receive Jesus as the fulfilment of the law.

9–13 Anglican Provincial Youth Congress in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Training and fellowship for potential leaders from the Southern Cone.

14–17 El Alfarero (The Potter) annual retreat. A key time for the Sucre and Santa Cruz teams to learn together, have fun, and seek God for 2018.

19–21 Teenage camp in Salta, Argentina. Pray for Daniel Lescano and Hans Breekveldt, who will be contributing with materials and talks.

20 Suzanne Potter is giving a talk about mission and migration in Guatemala. Pray for a good turnout and that it stimulates new thinking and initiatives among mission agencies in Guatemala.

22 Freehands restarts its work in the prisons in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Pray for stamina and wisdom as the team shares Jesus in a practical way through ‘Daily Life Courses’.

27 Beginning of the academic year at El Alfarero. Today is a day retreat for all the Master’s students; classes commence the week of 5 February.

31 Arrival day for delegates attending the Latin Link International Assembly in Guatemala. Pray for smooth journeys and quick settling in. 

Download a pdf of the January 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.