Stay Members, Benja and Ruth, are creating a new church community in Chile

Benjamin and Ruth Curan with their two childrenBenja and Ruth Curín work in Temuco, in the south of Chile. Economically, Temuco is the poorest region of Chile and has various social challenges, including high levels of alcoholism. With growing numbers of prosperity theology churches, there is a great need for good, Bible-teaching churches, to see lives transformed through the grace of Jesus. Benja and Ruth have a great passion for Chile and a calling to serve its people by sharing the gospel and growing the church. Benja is Chilean and studied for three years in the Anglican Bible college in Santiago. Ruth is English and has worked with Latin Link in Chile for 11 years, first with university students and then developing the Step and Stride programmes there. They married in 2010 and have two children, Matias (1) and Abigail (4).

Now, Benja and Ruth work with the Anglican church in Temuco, leading a new church plant. They are involved in many activities which you can pray for. These include: evangelistic courses, linking the church to the community, Bible studies, and training a church planting team - all in addition to the work of being parents!

  • PRAY that the church can be effective in communicating the gospel of grace - evangelism is difficult because many people have been damaged by false churches.
  • PRAY for a building to rent for the church’s Sunday meetings and that God will provide the economic resources for this.
  • PRAY for the fruit of the gospel to be shown in lives transformed by Jesus.

Pray for Chile 

A map of Chile showing the location of Santiago and Temuco

  • PRAY for peace and an end to violence. Conflict in our region continues to grow between the Mapuche people and the police force. Now there is a special anti-terrorist command in the region that has provoked several abuses
    of indigenous rights.

  • PRAY for the church. Chile has long been conservative in terms of values, but it is changing rapidly. As society is polarised by ethical debates, many churches are also absorbed by these issues. Pray that they can focus on the good news of Jesus.

Other prayer points for October

1st | It is Mission Month in Sarah Clay’s church, in Huaraz, Peru. Pray for people to be inspired by mission in cell group studies, evangelism, and church planting.

5th | Two Striders leave the UK for Bogotá, Colombia this month. Pray for them as they raise support, prepare and embark on their journeys.

10th | Pray for Graham and Debbie Frith in Bolivia as, among other things, they continue to teach Relational Leadership and a couples’ course.

13-15th | San Andrés Church in Salta, Argentina (where the Lescanos, Breekveldts and Rigaus are members) have their annual church retreat. Pray this encourages and equips the congregation to reach out in their community.

15th | New Strider Katie Birss arrives in Guatemala. Pray for a good week of orientation as she’s introduced to her host family and work placement.

17-24th | Tim and Hannah Flatman (with baby Rita) are getting to know Sabá, a community near Custódia, Brazil. On Wednesdays they visit local residents and they hold services on Saturdays. They and the church have been warmly welcomed. Based on residents’ ideas, and what everyone has to offer, they’ll develop further activities next year.

26-27th | The Guatemala/Mexico leadership team are meeting. Pray for discernment and wisdom in these discussions.

Thank you for praying

Thank you for praying for the Global Member Care Network conference in Ecuador. Over 250 participants (including several from Latin Link country teams) shared their knowledge, practice, resources and contacts. It was extremely worthwhile.

Download a pdf of the October 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE