Image of Maribel Woodley sharing the gospel with Aymara womenWhile taking part in an evangelism trip in Potosí, Bolivia, Latin Link member Maribel Woodley was able to use time in the kitchen to help one woman come back to faith.

Maribel was part of a team from the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), working in the Department of Potosí to reach especially children with the gospel. In the village of Tacora, the team was working in the local school, when things took an unexpected turn. Maribel takes up the story:

‘In Tacora we were evangelising at the school. At the church that looked after us there were two Quechua women who had been on their way to the fields to work. When they saw the church was open they came in to help to prepare the food.’

Map of Bolivia with Potosi region marked‘I joined them, and as we were peeling potatoes we started to talk about the Bible. It became apparent that one of the women – Prudencia – was not going to church. We shared the gospel with her, using Hebrews 10:22–25 and Hebrews 12:1–2. After a while, she decided to come back to the Lord.’

‘Afterwards, Prudencia said that it had been very sad being far from God. So she was very thankful because she knew that she had to come back to the Lord.’

In total, during this ten-day trip the team visited churches and schools in six small towns and villages. Over 1,000 children heard the gospel – as did some adults!

Each year, the CEF Mega Project chooses a Department in Bolivia to hold a week-long evangelistic effort. In 2017, CEF chose the Department of Potosí. During the project, over 23,000 children have heard the gospel.