Latin Link members in Costa Rica are building for both the long-term and short-term in that nation and the region.

Image of map and country facts of Costa RicaRay Miller and Bridget Bennett are based in San José and work with ProMETA online seminary. ‘Our Department of Intercultural Studies has online Spanish courses in Intercultural Studies and in Islamic Studies.’

  • PRAY for Ray as he works with ProMETA staff to develop a Masters degree with an emphasis in Intercultural Studies.
  • PRAY for funding both to support mentors and for grants for mission candidates.

Ian and Brenda Darke.

Ian’s main work is developing Christian publishing in Latin America, particularly through Letra Viva, which links around 30 groups in the continent. He also coordinates the Comentario Bíblico Contemporáneo, a Bible commentary written from and for Latin America.

  • PRAY for the editing of the remaining sections of the Comentario, and that the final stages of production go smoothly.
  • PRAY for the Letra Viva team as they facilitate publishing connections.

Brenda’s work centres around people who live with disabilities and their inclusion in church life. She does this through training for leaders, specific projects, and pastoral support of families with a church-based ministry called Uno en Cristo (One in Christ).

  • PRAY for more opportunities to impact pastors and leaders, and for volunteers to help with the pastoral support ministry.

Kayla Chandler lives in San José, and is the Short Term Coordinator. ‘My role consists of networking and creating relationships with local projects, churches and people to support, disciple and encourage short-term workers and place them in communities.’

  • PRAY for strengthening of existing relationships and opening of new ones, and that these provide placement opportunities.

PRAY also for William and Nadia Zapata Hirsig, with Jeremy and Kenya.

Image of ProMETA graduates with Ray Miller and Bridget BennettPray for Costa Rica

  • Over the last 20 years the evangelical church in Costa Rica has lost much of its simple evangelistic and caring passion, to become increasingly preoccupied with the construction of mega-churches and individual fame. PRAY for church leaders to stay focused on Christ, on preaching the word, and serving their community faithfully.
  • Universities in Costa Rica are huge and highly complex places, posing major challenges to Christian ministry. PRAY for ministries that will reach out on university campuses, and for churches to equip their young people for the realities on campus.
  • For young professionals, prospects are bright and the resulting lifestyle materially abundant, though potentially spiritually empty. PRAY for more Christian ministries to reach out to them.

Other prayer points... June

2–3 Bereavement camp in Pisac, Peru. Pray for Kay Stoker and her team as they provide an environment for people to deal with their grief.

8–10 In Brazil, Jan is helping to run a training weekend. It is for those in mission agencies and churches interested in caring for the mission family and especially Missionary Kids.

16 Combined Link Reunion for former members and Inspire! England and Wales conference in New Malden. Pray that this event will help to keep the former members engaged with mission and Latin Link, and will prove inspirational for all who attend.

26–27 Peru team leadership meeting. Pray for Godly wisdom and guidance in all conversations and decision-making.

30–1 July Big Street Family Festival in Cariré, Brazil. Pray that through this Christian festival non-believers will see that the church can have fun while giving glory to God.

Thank you for praying

Thanks for praying for the annual Expo Evangelism event in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Graham Frith reports: ‘God certainly answered your prayers but not necessarily in the way that we expected. We only had 50 people attend the workshops. However in the afternoon we filled two buses and went to the main square to put into practice all that we had learned and there we saw that it was definitely worthwhile. Alongside the more public activities like music, dance and drama there were more personal and smaller activities and conversations, resulting in many people being prayed for, and a number of people touched so deeply that they chose to give their hearts to God.’

Download a pdf of the June 2018 ¡Oremos!, with all the above prayer points, HERE.