Serve the church in Bolivia

Where to: near Sucre, Bolivia

Departing: 1st - 3rd Aug

Returning: 22nd - 24th Aug 

Contribution Target: £950 plus flights

Age: 18+

Application deadline: 30 April 2018


Project outline

The Step team will heading to a rural Quechua-speaking community called Candelaria, located around an hour and a half from Sucre, in central Bolivia. There you'll come alongside the central church to help construct a building for the church and the wider community. The vision is also to have a small football pitch and children's play park on site, as there is currently nothing like this in the area.

This is where you come in! You don't have to be a professional builder, or even have had any experience - just be willing to muck in! You'll be supervised by a local 'maestro', who'll teach you what you need to know (and do all the hard technical bits!) and your team will provide some much needed manpower, alongside the church members. As with any building project, it's hard to say the exact stage the work will be in when you arrive, so be prepared to be flexible and serve where most needed!

As well as being involved in practical work, you'll have the chance to be part of the church and help out with their other ongoing ministries. This often includes children's work, youth work, and reaching out in the community through any skills you may have (music, art, sport etc.).

There are several smaller churches in the area which you may be able to visit as a team, and share testimonies there, amongst other things, to encourage these congregations. There are several schools and a branch of Sucre university in Candelaria, which present some exciting outreach opportunities for your team!

All you need is a desire to serve God and work as part of a team. You’ll get a few rest days together at the end of the project, giving you the chance to explore a bit more of this amazing country!


Step teams stay right in the heart of the community they are serving, living together as a team. Latin Americans are extremely hospitable but as you're going to areas with greater economic need, you should expect accommodation to be cosy and fairly basic.


We think it is of utmost importance to prepare our volunteers well and so hold a compulsory Orientation for all those wishing to take part in Step. It is a residential Orientation weekend (Friday-Sunday) so food and accommodation will be provided and the cost covered by your contribution target - all you need to do is get there!

Orientation for 2018 will be held just outside Reading from 22nd - 24th June.

How to apply

Click here to download our application form. Complete it, save it to your computer and email it as an attachment to [email protected]

  Step Application Form

Looking to go for longer?

If you're free for 7 weeks over the summer and want to make the most of your time in Latin America, why not set off earlier and join the July project in Ecuador?

Getting between the two countries is easy and inexpensive and will give you another perspective on life here! We organise everything and help you find a great deal on flights.

Contribution Target: £1450 plus flights
If you're interested, then just download the application form below and tick the 7 week option.