Margaret Saunderson worked in Peru for 35 years. Among other things she helped to plant a number of churches in Lima, Peru.

Image of Luz y Esperanza church building in La Tablada, PeruAs an example of these churches, Luz y Esperanza (Light and Hope) church in La Tablada recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Here are a few comments from some of the church members:

Maura became a Christian in the early days through craft workshops that the church ran: ‘I came to know the Lord during very difficult circumstances. The impact on my life was tremendous: Jesus filled me with strength, increased my faith, and my children and husband became Christians. The church has had a real impact on the community because many have heard the gospel and been converted.’’

Image of Jess and Edwin from Luz y Esperanza Church, PeruEdwin, who joined the church at age 7 and is now 32, says: ‘Having a church in the community has given needy families a place to worship God and learn the Bible. Luz y Esperanza has assisted many people spiritually, emotionally, and practically through things like food parcels. Early on there was a food programme for children in the community, and craft workshops for mothers. Some of the young people have had help towards further education, others with medical treatment. The whole area has been blessed by the church.’

Jhosselyn, a university law student, comments: ‘Living in La Tablada and being part of the church has influenced me a lot. The preparation I received in the church has been fundamental to the ministry at university, and has enabled me to find solutions and propose actions in university and in society.’

After 25 years Luz y Esperanza continues to bring transformation in its area, while as Edwin notes, ‘in Ramón Castilla [a church plant out of Luz y Esperanza] church members are teaching the Bible to children and teenagers and discipling people. Some adults have become Christians there too.’