From a short-term Step team to longer-term commitment: one man's Latin American story.

David Taylor did a Step team in 1991. It was his first mission trip – and one that changed the direction of his life. ‘God used it as a stepping-stone to my calling. He used it to introduce Latin America to me.’

Image of happy schoolchildren at the Oasis School in ColombiaNow, 25 years on, David lives and works in Colombia. David has worked in Latin America since 1995, helping to alleviate social and spiritual deprivation. Having initially started in Costa Rica and then Guatemala, David moved to Colombia and founded Colombia Childcare in 1999.

Based in Santa Marta, a town on Colombia’s Atlantic coast, Colombia Childcare aims to tackle ‘abject poverty by alleviating the suffering caused by social deprivation among the poorest of the poor children of Colombia’. David’s hope is that some of the children supported by the organisation will take their rightful place in society and make a difference in a hurting world. ‘Currently, Colombia Childcare has about 2,000 children in the foundation,’ says David. ‘About 1,500 are in Christian education.’

Not everybody who serves on a Step team will have such a dramatic story. But you will never be the same again. As David concludes: ‘There’s nothing like first-hand experience. Going on a Step team gives people opportunities to gain experience and perhaps find a calling.’ And possibly end up impacting the lives of thousands…