As a family, we've been walking/cycling 5km everyday throughout May to raise money for vulnerable families and communities in Latin America.

The money raised will funding projects that are caring for the immediate needs of the families and communities affected by COVID-19. These projects are providing food, shelter and medical care to those whose livelihoods are at risk due to national lockdowns and curfews. You can learn more about the impact they're having, here.

Can you help by sponsoring our trek?
  • By sponsoring us £10, you could help cover the increasingly expensive cost of food, masks, cleaning materials and basic medicine for a homeless person in Guatemala city.
  • A gift of £20 could supply a family of 5 in Guatemala with enough basic food supplies to last 10 days.
  • Sponsoring £60 could provide a migrant family in Colombia with basic shelter and security for a whole month. 

Any amount you can afford will make a huge difference.

Thank you!

Lorna Duddy

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