We're taking on an Indoor Expedition to help raise support for vulnerable families and communities in Guatemala.

As a Step team last year in Guatemala we had some involvement with the amazing work of Ami San Lucas. Their focus is on community development, mainly offering community health services to San Juan La Laguna (where their clinic is based) and surrounding villages. They are in great need of donations during these unpredictable and very difficult times.
We are blessed in the UK to have a comprehensive health service, this is not the case in Guatemala. An outbreak would be disastrous for them, measures taken here such as quarantine are difficult to implement as many live in cramped houses without essentials like running water.

Any donations will be providing care packages for families affected by the lockdown. The inability to work during this time is especially serious in these cases, as work tends to be on an ad-hoc more informal basis. Even when lockdown is over, a lot of locals rely on tourism, which of course during these circumstances will not be up and running for the foreseeable future. 

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