Ellie Parnham I became a Christian through a youth group when I was 14. Since then I've found my church family and deepened my relationship with God and love for Jesus. I've joined my church in events such as NewDay and experienced his glory in new ways through worship. In my hometown in Surrey I was blessed to be a part of the leadership team for my local youth group and, in sixth form, helped to establish my school's Christian Union. Through this I've enjoyed times of fellowship and prayer and also helped to raise money in support of local charities. After leaving school the CU continues to be the highlight of week and I've gone on to serve the CU at a neighbouring school as well. I believe it is God's plan for his followers to spread the Good News to those unable to hear it for themselves and to serve others humbly. During my gap year I am stepping out of my comfort zone as far as South America to help those in need of practical support, love and the gospel.
Thank you for your support! Ellie Parnham