Char Hannah Helena Hey Everyone, team 'It is what it is' here! :D

We will be running Rough Runner 5k this year to help raise money for our friend who is moving to an area of extreme poverty on the Vale do Sehnor project in an urban community outside of Recife, Brazil to help 11-17yr old vulnerable girls - the idea being she will meet regularly to form relationships and offer pastoral care to the teenage girls, to mentor and disciple them and move them away from drugs and prostitution. Many come from challenging backgrounds e.g. situations of abuse, neglect, sexual violence etc.

Alongside classes she will be involved in family visits, community events, attend social service meetings and children's project network meetings, etc.

The money raised is going to help the poorest of the poor girls transform holistically.

And so anything you can give to help towards this amazing cause would be greatly appreciated, and maybe one day everyone will have equal opportunities in life!

Thankyou so much for supporting us! (Wish us luck!) Char Hannah Helena