Libby Bodell My name is Libby Bodell and I'm a 22 year old Christian from Northern Ireland. My immediate family aren't Christians, but I firmly believe that God was planning my steps even from a young age. God planned for me to move next door to a Christian family and attend Bible clubs, Christian Summer camps and church with them. At camp, I asked God to come into my life and became part of His family. I became a Christian and was saved, not because of anything I had done or would ever do, but because of what Jesus Christ had already achieved on the cross. Becoming a Christian has inspired me to live a life worthy of Christ and I love to travel and share the Gospel with those who are vulnerable and are less likely to hear it. Since travelling to Colombia with Tearfund, I have developed a passion for sharing the Gospel in South America and am now going to volunteer with Latin Link in March 2018 to help the local church in Chile and Argentina. If you would like to help support my fundraising efforts, help Latin Link and sustain the local church that I will be working with then please feel free to donate any amount that you would like to.

Thank you for your kind donations

Libby Bodell