Help AMI San Lucas support vulnerable families affected by the impact of COVID-19 in the area of Sololá, Guatemala.

COVID-19 spreads throughout the world its impact will be felt in both the immediate and long-term. We are aware that there is a lot of need worldwide in relation to this crisis, even at your own front door.

On 17th March, Guatemala closed its border to foreigners, suspended all flights in and out of the country and began two weeks of strict measures to control and contain COVID-19. All public transport is suspended, schools are closed, all entertainment venues, churches and shopping malls are closed down. All but essential workers were instructed to work from home where possible. On 23rd March a curfew was also introduced. All of these measures are important to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in this nation and are to be reviewed on 31st March. But the reality for many Guatemalans is that not being able to work is a very serious thing as many live day by day, hand to mouth, earning a menial wage. Without government support, lack of work opportunities or not being able to work results in not being able to provide for the needs of their family.

Throughout the year AMI San Lucas works with women, young people, pastors and their families, in the area of Sololá, Guatemala. The majority of these individuals and their families are already living in poverty or difficult situations. The main wage earner in many of these families works in this informal employment sector meaning they rely on earning money each day to survive, but many do not have guaranteed work. The reality of the economic impact of COVID-19 already is and will continue to be very tough for these families.

We want to assist those families in greatest need during this difficult time by supporting them to cover some of their monthly household costs (such as food, water etc) and prevent them falling deeper into poverty.

As an organisation we have already began to support those with the most urgent needs but hope with the support of others when can help more families. We recognise that this is a difficult time for everyone in every part of the world, but if you would be interested in supporting these Guatemalan families it would be so appreciated!

Thank you
Rose Wade